The Homemakers Experience

Discover Furniture for any Living Space at Homemakers

Find out what makes the Homemakers experience so unique! Take a visual tour of our store or browse our impressive showroom in-person.
Here at Homemakers Furniture, we know the difference between a house and a home, we're not afraid to try new design styles and we think the right furniture can transform any living space. We also believe you deserve the home of your dreams. And it starts the moment you walk through our front door.

When you arrive, we invite you in with a smile...and cookies. Because who doesn't appreciate a neighbor's warm, homemade cookies? After you grab a treat, let us sweeten your day by helping find the perfect home décor and furniture for your living space.

Our knowledgeable sales specialists can show you the best pieces for your style, space and budget. From exquisite, solid wood heirlooms to affordable dorm furnishings, all our pieces have the most competitive prices. We guarantee it!

With one of the largest home furniture selections in the state, there's something for all budgets and interior design styles. Whether you're crafting a cozy bedroom, traditional dining room or modern living room, our creative visual designers are constantly surprising with unique displays to offer fresh inspiration.

After you discover the perfect new furniture, our delivery options provide seamless transition from our front door to yours. Not a fan of manual assembly? Our in-home delivery service was made for you! Your furniture will end up right where it belongs in your home, no sweat.

While we love working with you on new home décor projects, we also believe a good neighbor engages with their community. Which is why we host several special events each year. Between your furniture shopping, join us for fun, family-friendly get-togethers to liven up your week!

Whether you're stopping by for a parking lot party or seeking inspiration for your living space, we're happy to have friends like you visit our store. Stop by today to explore more than 215,000-square-feet of showroom space, or browse our departments and shop online.