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Smith Brothers of Berne, Inc. Furniture

Fill your home with high-quality furniture from Smith Brothers.

From a small town in Indiana to stores all over the country, Smith Brothers has grown thanks to a combination of traditional Amish building techniques and state-of-the-art technology.

Smith Brothers Furniture

A History of American-Made Furniture

Smith Brothers was officially founded in 1926, but its roots go deeper. In the early 1900s, L.L. Dunbar and Homer Niederhauser established a furniture company. Dunbar was one of the first to use leather in upholstery for rocking chairs. In 1919 the company relocated to Berne, Indiana, to be on the major railway and highway routes. Berne was also home to a large population of Swiss-Amish craftsmen who could produce the highest quality furniture.

Orv and Les Smith were hired in the 1920s and would later rename the company to Smith Brothers Furniture. When the Smith Brothers retired in 1960, they sold their shares to the Muselman brothers who changed the name to Smith Brothers of Berne, Inc.

The Lehman brothers bought the company in the late 1960’s and own the company today. Each pair of owners brought new perspectives and ideas to the company, which is why Smith Brothers is still flourishing after more than 90 years.

Smith Brothers Furniture

Swiss-Amish Craftsmanship

Smith Brothers of Berne is famous for making furniture by merging Swiss-Amish tradition with new technology. Smith Brothers grew in the Mennonite culture of Berne which values hard work and integrity. These principles are present in every piece of furniture produced.

Smith Brothers’ furniture features a modern twist on classic American style that strikes the perfect balance between trendy and time-honored. Every piece is made to be solid and stylish and crafted to last for generations.

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Smith Brothers Furniture

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