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June 06, 2023

Coastal Chic Style for Every Budget

If you have a weakness for peonies and hydrangeas, if white linens and knits are your favorite type of textures, and you prefer a quiet beach town to the big city, coastal chic might be perfect style for you. We have a style guide to fit every budget complete with product recs and décor inspiration.  

The Colors

For an open, airy, design concept, sticking to neutrals is the way to go. Creams, off whites, muted tans, and browns. When it comes to colors, keep them muted. Navy blue accents will make the space seem nautical while powder blue a bit breezier.  The color palette should be simple and understated. This aspect of coastal chic style is minimal.

Coastal colors

The Patterns

Skip the exotic prints. For relaxed beach styles, think stripes, pin stripes, soft and clean lines will be more than enough. Like color, this is another facet of the style that leans minimal. If you must have some prints, try a simple, repetitive, pattern for the rug. Artwork could be watercolors or any beach or cloud motifs.

The Textures

Textures are a smaller detail that in the long run, really make this style unique. Coastal is all about feeling relaxed, so look for linens, knit throw blankets, rattan serving trays, sisal blends and distressing that is reminiscent of driftwood. Soft, clean lines on fabric upholstery make a plain cream sofa a bit more beach-y. Woven baskets and burlap make perfect décor, especially when spilling over with throw blankets and pillows.

Coastal textures


The Materials

Natural materials like driftwood, stone, cotton, glass, and solid woods are perfectly suited for this style. Anything that feels authentic and lived in will do the trick. Wrought iron and brass are also great to incorporate, especially if you want your look to feel a little rustic or farmhouse. Be careful to balance your softer textures with those more gritty, solid materials. This is an important element of the aesthetic that can be easy to get wrong!

Don’t forget Lighting

Candles on the dining table? Yes. Ambient lighting that sits atop your wicker side table? Yes. Harsh, overhead lights are a no. This space should be an oasis from a hot, sunny, day. No need to go crazy with your lighting concept. Dimming lights can make all the difference and don’t be afraid to let in natural light. This is integral to a light and breezy.


Key Characteristics

Still not feeling complete? Finishing touches include things like wooden bead details and natural décor such as flowers, seashells, and driftwood. Styling some vases or a minimal sculpture on a bookshelf can also add to your space in a big way. Be sure to look for accessories and accents that fit the Northeastern concept but aren’t too “nautical” or “beach-themed”. If you’re feeling bold, play around with pearlescent elements!

By channeling this aesthetics, your space will feel as relaxed as the beach. Harmonious and repetitive textures will feel calming like ocean waves. Neutral tones and powdery pastels will subdue after a sunny day on the sand. If you’re still having some brain block, check out these products at Homemakers we styled to fit a range of different budgets.

Affordable Budget

Affordable budget inspiration

Mid-Range Budget

Mid-range budget

Expensive Budget

big budget insiration


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