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June 02, 2023

Decorate a Nursery that’s Safe and Stylish

When newborns sleep on average 16 hours a day, making your nursery safe and comfortable for your baby should be a top priority. Shopping for your baby’s first bed can be overwhelming, so check out these tips for picking safe and functional furniture finds.

Basics, Baby!

Start with the big investment pieces that will be most expensive and most integral to your space. Be sure to choose pieces you really love and will stand the test of time. Sheets, bedding and lamps can be swapped out to make redecorating easy, but it will be harder to do with a crib or dresser. These are what you want to be sure about.

-The crib

-The changing table

-The dresser and storage

-A place for you to sit



Skip the theme. Although it’s tempting to do ballerina-everything, taking a softer approach to the design concept will serve you in the long term. Instead of hanging tiny ballet slippers as décor and going over the top with a dance theme, opt for a ballerina inspired space. Soft pastel pinks, clean lines and a little bit of sparkle will never feel out of style or dated. Keep your staple pieces classic and timeless and everything else will look and feel more organic. A statement lamp, wall art or mobile that can easily be retired and redecorated if needed.




Designing a space for your baby to sleep is priority #1. When arranging the lay out of your nursery, be sure that no baby furniture is near a window. Drapes, blinds cords and curtains can all be strangulation hazards. According to the CDC, the crib should be empty besides a mattress with no gap between the crib frame and a fitted sheet. Stuffed animals, toys, pillows, and blankets will need to be stored somewhere else while baby is in the crib.

Some parents are opting for organic and non-toxic products when shopping for furniture. Especially when it comes to mattresses, bedding, and the crib that the baby sleeps in, finding products that are free of chemicals is a priority for a lot of families. If this is important to you, look for furniture made of solid woods and sheets and mattresses from organic cotton.



Style a Space that will Grow with Your Family

Just like the style of your nursery should stand the test of time, so should the functionality of the space! The newborn stage won’t last forever. Consider investing in pieces that will grow with your family. These could be things like convertible cribs, under crib storage or dressers with changing trays.


Make it Functional

Think about the amount of time that will be spent in this room. Does it make sense to have a lamp, nightlight, or other sources of soft light for late night nursing? Would it be convenient for your rocking chair or glider to have a charging outlet, cup holder or power head rest? Heavy curtains will make naptime a bit easier if you have a lot of natural light. A bassinet can also be a functional piece that is convenient if you’re moving around while baby is sleeping, or simply prefer that they sleep in your room for the first few months.



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