Furniture Essentials For Your College Dorm Room

Figuring out what furniture to buy for your first college dorm room can be stressful. Homemakers is here to help! We have all the college furniture essentials you’ll need to make your space shwo off your style and feel like home. Our dorm furniture and accessories are functional, space-saving, affordable and stylish. It makes back-to-campus shopping a breeze!

Dorm Room Furniture Essentials

Upgrade your dorm room from blah to YAS! Since you’ll be spending a lot of time here, make it a space you love. We put together the ultimate list of dorm room furniture essentials to help you get started.

You can do better than the standard university-provided desk chairs. Think about a stylish, ergonomic dorm desk chair with adjustable height seting. You’ll feel right at home once you add your own personal touches, like an area rug and stylish comforter set. Accessories can transform a boring dorm room to a space that’s calm, relaxing and personal to you. It makes your room feel like a home away from home.

Shop the categories below for all of your college essentials!

Dorm Room Ottomans and Poufs
Dorm Bedding
Dorm Futons
Table Lamps
Floor Lamps
Desk Chairs

Dorm Room Ideas & Arranging Tips

Watch our Dorm Room Ideas video below to gather inspiration for your first dorm room. Our visual designer shows you how to save space with multi-purpose furniture essentials. He even shows off a couple dorm room furniture hacks: like using an area rug to define your space. Or placing a bookcase strategically to create a room divider.

  • Add Personality—affordable wall decor is a quick way to add personality (and a conversation-starter) to your first dorm room.
  • Use Area Rugs to Define Your Space—an area rug is a great way to separate your space from your roommate's space. It also beats dorm room carpet!
  • Loft Your Beds—consider elevating your bed into a loft position to add tons of extra floor space!
  • Don't Underestimate Futons—with all that extra space below your loft, a futon is the perfect addition for a guest bed or movie night seating.
  • Add Fun Decor—make your dorm room stand out with fun accessories like a stylish table lamp, desktop decor or plants.
  • Use a Bookcase for a Room Divider—furniture hack! Create a study nook by using a bookcase as a room divider.
  • Look for Multi-Purpose Furniture—seek out furniture that has more than one job, like a storage ottomans with a flip-top tray surface.

Shop Featured Dorm Furniture

Coaster 500 Collection Black Swivel Ottoman



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Black Swivel Ottoman

Hampton Hill Raina Gray 4-Piece Twin Comforter Set



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Raina Gray 4-Piece Twin Comforter Set

Ashley Kian Black & White Table Lamp


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Black & White Table Lamp

Ashley Keelia 4' X 7' Rug


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Keelia 4' X 7' Rug

Primo International Futon Mattress


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Primo International Futon Mattress

Presidential Seating Faux Fur Task Chair


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Faux Fur Task Chair

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More Dorm Furniture Advice

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