College Essentials and Dorm Furniture

Soon you’ll be headed off to the next big adventure- college! It’s a crazy, exciting time and it’s never too early to start preparing.

Homemakers has you covered on absolutely everything you’ll need to be successful. Check out the furniture that will make your dorm room feel like home.We feature posts from the official Homemakers blog, HM etc. for the best advice on dorm room furniture essentials to roommate advice to living with noisy neighbors. You’ll also get a crash course in futons and klik klaks- the ultimate college essentials! This page will have everything you need for some serious dorm room inspiration.

Must-Have Dorm Essentials

It can be tricky to plan out what you need for your living space. Dorm rooms aren’t known for being particularly spacious and it’s imperative to plan ahead and know exactly how much space you have. There are two questions to ask yourself: which items will save space and which items are multipurpose?

We’ve put together a video of multipurpose pieces that are both durable and stylish. You’ll get some great ideas for arranging and organizing dorm furniture!

Back to School Essentials

Ready to make a splash with your back-to-school style?

Dorm rooms and apartments should be a reflection of your personality- after all you’ll live there all school year! We rounded up some awesome deals on living necessities that will keep you comfortable while also showcasing an on-trend look.

Back to School Essentials

An upholstered bed adds instant chic to your room while a sleek coordinating chest will hold all your clothes and then some. Pull it all together with a soft rug in a geometric print that will add a subtle pop of texture. A desk is an absolute must-have; you need a comfortable workspace since you’ll be studying so much (we hope!). This beautiful desk has a heat-, scratch- and moisture-resistant top so it will stand up to your hot cup of coffee, laptop and any other work tools. We love the geometric base as well! When it’s time to kick back and relax with a little TV, look no further than the Ashley Banilee TV stand. Who says a TV stand can’t be stylish? The open shelves, weathered wood finish and industrial metal will add the perfect touch of urban chic style to your living space.

We’re excited to jump into the new school year and hope you are too! Homemakers has everything you need to create a homey
yet stylish living space for your new dorm or apartment!

Lazy Life Collection
Lazy Life Collection

No, we weren’t talking about you being lazy, although it’ll be easy with this exciting new line of ultra-comfortable furniture. The Lazy Life collection from Coaster is perfect for dorm life because it's easy to transport on moving day, assembly is quick and covers are removable and machine washable! Lazy Life pieces are both contemporary and cozy. Furniture comes decompressed and packaged for easy transport. All you need to do to assemble is remove the packaging and let the decompressed foam inflate. The steps are simple–see below!

Step 1 - Preparing your new dorm furniture.
Step 2 - Preparing your new dorm furniture.
Step 3 - Preparing your new dorm furniture.
Step 4 - Preparing your new dorm furniture.
Step 5 - Preparing your new dorm furniture.
Step 6 - Preparing your new dorm furniture.
Dorm Furniture and Accessories

Go beyond the basics with furniture that saves space while accessories like rugs and art allow you to add your own personal flair to your new space!

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Advice from HM, etc.

Dealing with Noisy Neighbors

Dealing with Noisy Neighbors

Congrats, you’re living communally now! You may absolutely love living among a large group of people or you may be wondering how to handle it. We have some stories and advice to share so you can make the transition easily.

What to Ask Your College Roommate

What to Ask Your College Roommate

Living with a roommate (perhaps for the first time) brings a unique set of challenges so we compiled 11 questions to ask to break the ice and kick off the new living situation.

Dorm Essentials Under $100

Solve Landlord and Roommate Problems

Who says a dorm room can’t be stylish? We’ve got some great finds for you to study and live in style, all for under $100.

Solve Landlord and Roommate Problems

Solve Landlord and Roommate Problems

Learn from others’ experiences. We’ve put together some stories with great learning moments so you can be prepared to live with a landlord and roommates.

For more design inspiration, apartment living tips or style news, visit HM etc., the official Homemakers blog!

Move-in day

A comfortable futon is a multipurpose must-have that’ll see you through dorm life, your first apartment and beyond.

Ahhh, the futon. A college essential that never goes out of style (just ask your parents). We put together all the information you need on futons and klik klaks so you can choose the perfect piece for your new living space. Check out our video for arrangement inspiration.

Futons & Klick Klaks

Our blog post will explain the difference between futons and klik klaks and which one is right for your new place.


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