Crib to College

Map out the best way to style your child's furniture from diapers to diplomas

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Map out your child’s bedroom furniture with our guide!

It can be difficult to transition bedroom furniture through each stage of childhood. We have a complete guide to styling everything from the crib to bunk beds to dorms.

We change all the time, so why shouldn’t your furniture? The style of a child’s room especially will change as your young one grows up and his or her needs change. We put together a complete guide for for furnishing your child from diapers to diplomas!

Babies and Toddlers
A baby crib is the starting point for any child’s room. A convertible crib is the most versatile option because it transforms into an easy-to-use toddler bed then into a full-sized bed as your child grows.

When it’s time for a mattress, brighten up your little one’s space with a colorful Glideaway mattress. These memory foam mattresses are as comfortable as they are fun!

Children and Tweens
When it’s time to start bunk beds are a practical and fun choice because they save space and offer extra storage, which is especially ideal for shared rooms! A daybed is another versatile choice since it can be used as a sofa during the day and turned into a bed at night. You can also find a daybed with a trundle for extra sleeping space.

Accessories and décor bring style to life and are easy to change out whenever style preferences change. A colorful rug can pull together accent furniture and wall art while a fun lamp express your child’s individual style.

Teens and Beyond
Teenagers and soon-to-be college students need furniture that is multipurpose and ultra-functional. Futons and klik klaks are perfect for small spaces and dorm rooms. Convert between a sofa and a bed to make use of space and some even come with a rollout trundle for extra sleeping space. We offer a wide selection so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your child’s style.

A desk and office chair are essentials for any young student. A dedicated work space is necessary for success and also an opportunity to create an inspiring space. Our showroom offers comfortable ergonomic chairs and a variety of desks to suit your child’s needs.

We have dedicated specialists who can guide you through the process of furnishing and decorating your child’s room, no matter the stage of life. Stop by the showroom or shop online!