Smart Color Schemes for Your Home


Explore room color tips for your home based on color psychology.
Kitchen Color Theory
Living Room Color Theory
Entryway Color Theory
Home Office Color Theory
Bedroom Color Theory
Kids & Baby Color Theory

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Discover the Perfect Room Colors

How are your home color schemes impacting you each day? Do you walk in the door and feel immersed in warm and cozy vibes? Or do you prefer an airy, refreshing atmosphere?

It can be hard to choose a home color scheme, which is why we've done all the color psychology legwork for you. We researched looks, feels and physical effects to give you smart color scheme suggestions for each room in your home. For an in-depth look at the best room colors, check out our entire blog post celebrating National Color Day! Or delve into color inspired home décor and furniture with our Pantone Color Blog Series.

If you need personalized help creating the perfect color scheme in your home, team up with our interior design consultants. The only cost to you is a $100 Homemakers gift card! Our interior designers will visit your home, get to know your style and create a unique floor plan with furniture and home décor suggestions specific to your living space.