Top Eco-Friendly Furniture Brands

Here at Homemakers, sustainability is our style! That’s why we are proud to carry only the best eco-friendly furniture brands, to honor values concerning environmental sustainability. Explore our list of the top green furniture brands that work for a healthier planet. From sustainable woods to recycled fabric, find environmentally friendly pieces to help you create a sustainable home.

Sustainable Poly Furniture

Amish Outdoors Furniture

With warmer weather comes outdoor furniture. Amish Outdoors is known for creating patio furniture that’s comfortable, stylish, and durable. Their sustainable furniture is made with poly lumber, which uses 100% recycled materials, such as milk jugs and detergent bottles, saving a large amount of plastics being sent to landfills. Poly lumber also has a minimal negative impact on the environment, since it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or create harmful emissions. Amish Outdoors create affordable, eco-friendly furniture, that won’t warp, crack or split, to ensure you can enjoy safer patio furniture for longer.
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Environmentally Friendly Nuvella Fabric

Ashley Furniture
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At the core of Ashley’s furniture products is engineered wood. It is one of the most sustainable materials in the furniture industry because it can form large panels from smaller trees, which helps preserve natural habitats and reduce landfill waste. Ashley Furniture also features Nuvella fabric that is made from solution-died synthetic fibers. This dyeing process generates no water waste, making it an eco-friendly furniture fabric. Due to the nature of the solution, it also prevents stains and fading.
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Daniel's Amish Sustainable Furniture

Daniel's Amish Sustainable Wood Furniture {Learn More}

What started by hand carving horse and buggies in a barn has turned into a successful and sustainable company. Daniels Amish is located in Holmes County, Ohio which is one of the biggest Amish populations in the world. They specialize in bedroom and dining room furniture, sourced from local forests in eastern Ohio and Pennsylvania and include hardwoods such as maple, cherry, and oak. This true American-made and eco-friendly brand is stylish and affordable!
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Martin Furniture { Learn More }

Martin Furniture is the very definition of innovation. Located in San Diego, California, they strive to create durable, high-quality furniture at an affordable price. They design a range of sustainable furniture pieces from office furniture, entertainment centers, to stylish tables. They craft locally to reduce carbon emissions, and use raw materials from forests, while also partaking in sustainable forestry by following strict environmental guidelines. They also achieve their sustainability efforts by carefully sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, and recycling.
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Eco-friendly Nursery Furniture

Million Dollar Baby Furniture
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Known for their beautifully designed nursery furniture, Million Dollar Baby was founded by Daniel Fong and his wife after realizing how expensive it is to raise a child. They came to the idea to offer affordable, safe, and high-quality nursery furniture into the market to make shopping for a child easy. They create their sustainable furniture by recycling woods and paints, packaging their products with recycled cardboard, and using pine wood and renewable wood sources to create their furniture. And, to make things better, they donate and volunteer at non-profit organizations to give back to the community. They strive to make high-quality furniture for a safe and inviting nursery.
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Modus Furniture

Modus Furniture is all about reducing their environmental footprint. In fact, they're a member of the FISP, the Furniture Industry Sustainability Program. They keep energy use and CO2 emissions to a minimum. All timber, cardboard and paper used by Modus Furniture is sustainable certified by the FSC or PEFC. And what furniture brand is eco-friendly without a focus on recycling? Modus Furniture recycles and reuses materials to keep their plastic footprint to a minimum.
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Sauder Furniture { Learn More }

All of Sauder's products are made with engineered wood. This reduces deforestation by repurposing trimmings and post-milling leftovers. They also convert residual sawdust into electricity with their own cogeneration plant. Any remaining wood waste is repurposed in other ways, such as animal bedding. They also partake in continuous advancements in water and energy conservation, reducing greenhouse gases, and recycling efforts.
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Eco-Friendly Serta Mattresses

Serta Mattresses { Learn More }

Did you know that Serta mattresses use recycled steel? All Serta innersprings are made from 95% post-industrial recycled steel which goes into making the best eco-friendly mattresses. Serta also uses sustainable wood for their mattress foundations; this wood is sourced from forests that are certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council. For many of their mattresses, Serta uses natural bamboo and/or pure organic cotton in their cover fabrics and their insulator pads are crafted from virgin recycled garments to reduce the use of harmful substances.
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More Sustainable Furniture

Eco-friendly Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood furniture is a renewable material made from recycled wood, meaning it’s previously been used in other projects. Recycling reclaimed wood eliminates the demand for sourcing lumber and keeps unwanted wood out of landfills. Due to the nature of repurposed wood, each piece of reclaimed wood sustainable furniture has a unique, one-of-a-kind look.

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Eco-friendly Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are the ultimate sustainable furniture addition to your home. They only heat the room you’re using to stop unnecessary energy waste and help you save money! Unlike gas and wood burning fireplaces, they don’t rely heavily on natural resources to produce heat, and don’t emit hazardous gases like carbon monoxide into your home. Being 100% emission free means a safer home for you and your family.

Best-Selling Electric Fireplace Brands: Classic Flame/Tresanti | Dimplex | Ashley

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Eco-friendly Alder Wood Furniture

Alder Wood

Alder regenerates naturally and prolifically flourishes in areas where other species may not survive. It has unique nitrogen-fixing properties that provide fertility to the soil wherever it grows, helping other species to survive. Because Alder develops so quickly, it prevents soil erosion and protects other more delicate, slow-growing species.

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Eco-friendly Jute Rug

Jute Material

Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber that can be spun into strong threads. It's mainly used to make burlap, hessian, or gunny cloth. Jute is one of the most affordable natural fibers and is composed of the plant materials cellulose and lignin. It's one of the most biodegradable and recyclable natural fibers in the world, making it a great eco-friendly choice.

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Greenguard Certified

Greenguard Certification

Products that are Greenguard Certified have been tested and proven to have low chemical emissions. They're guaranteed to give off low levels of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. VOCs are carbon-based chemicals that become vapors or gases. Some wall paints, flooring, and mattresses can all give off these harmful emissions. They're responsible for that "new car smell." Indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, so Greenguard Certification shows that the certified products are safer for your home. Greenguard Gold Certification means that the products have even lower levels of VOCs, making them safe for kids.

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Sustainability at Homemakers Furniture

Along with offering sustainable furniture brands, Homemakers works hard to be eco-friendly:

  • In 2019, we recycled 450 tons of materials.
  • We have installed LED bulbs throughout the building, reducing energy usage of lighting by 50%.
  • We reuse bags and boxes whenever possible, producing less recycling and trash.
  • We have water bottle fillers throughout our offices, offering employees a sustainable way to drink water.
  • We offer a mattress recycling program. When your new mattress is delivered from Homemakers, we’ll take your old mattress to be recycled for free! In 2019, we recycled 7,296 mattresses.

Homemakers works hard every day so each of our shoppers can feel good about the furniture they bring home.