Interior Design Styles Explained (Part Two)

Discover furniture and home decorating ideas for casual, contemporary, mission and eclectic interior design styles!

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Casual, Contemporary, Mission & Eclectic Interior Design Styles

Find inspiration with our decorating ideas for every interior design style. From sleek contemporary to laid-back casual, we explain the key furniture pieces, overall mood and home décor essentials of casual, contemporary, mission and eclectic styles. Discover what your living space needs to set the perfect tone with a design that is uniquely you.

Casual interior design features soothing colors and soft textures. You will likely find a plush, oversized chair in a casual living space. Incorporate comfort furniture and a neutral color palette into your living space to add laid-back appeal.
Watch our casual interior design video to see a few room examples.

Contemporary interior design is sophisticated with a rebellious streak. It embraces sleek, modern style, and incorporates abstract patterns and high-contrast colors. Give your room a contemporary touch with bold, geometric accents.
Watch our contemporary interior design video to see a few room examples.

Mission interior design showcases strong craftsmanship. This interior design style is all about handcrafted beauty. It uses raw materials, warm wood tones and rich hues to create a living space that perfectly combines artistry and functionality.
Watch our mission interior design video to see a few room examples.

Eclectic interior design is mix-and-match style with a worldly touch. It blends playful colors and one-of-a-kind décor for a unique living space. You can create your own eclectic living space by pairing a Moroccan weave rug with a funky accent chair.
Watch our eclectic interior design video to see a few room examples.

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