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Home Advice & Buying Guides

Want to refresh your home but not sure where to start? Our home style tips, designer advice and furniture buying guides will help you find the the best brands, your design style and more. Choose the best colors for your home or an area rug that’s a perfect fit for your space. Our home style and furniture buying guides make shopping easy!

Top Furniture Brands

Top Mattress Brands Infographic
Top Mattress Brands

These top-selling brands are sure to help improve your sleep and have you waking up feeling refreshed!

High-End Furniture Brands at Homemakers
Top Luxury Brands

Our top luxury furniture brands have the highest quality construction, luxurious materials and upscale design.

Top Kids & Nursery Brands
Top Kids & Nursery Brands

Shop kids and baby furniture they'll love (so you don’t have to hear about it later) with the quality you need.

Top Recliner Brands Infographic
Top Recliner Brands

Find your new recliner from some of the top brands! Go ahead – kick your feet up. We don’t mind!

Top 5 Sofa Brands Infographic
Top Sofa Brands

A sofa is an investment. Buy with confidence by choosing one of the top sofa brands at Homemakers.

Top Area Rug Brands Infographic
Top Area Rugs Brands

Check out these tried and true brands for your next area rug. We get it – dogs, kids, guests. These area rugs can stand up to the traffic!

Top Kids & Nursery Brands
Top Eco-Friendly Furniture Brands

Shop our top eco-friendly furniture brands for the latest trends that are friendly to our planet.

Top 5 Sofa Brands Infographic
Top American-Made Furniture Brands

There’s just something cool about buying American-made furniture (kind of like popsicles in the summer). Shop our top American-made brands!

Top Outdoor Furniture Brands Infographic
Top Outdoor Furniture Brands

Choose from the best outdoor furniture brands to elevate your outdoor space. Cheers! *Clink*

Furniture Buying Guides

Types of Wood for Furniture Explained Infographic
Types of Wood for Furniture Explained

Decide which wood type is best for your home with the help of this handy guide!

Mattress Types Infographic
Mattress Buying Guide

You spend a lot of time sleeping, so make it count. Ditch your old mattress for a dreamy new one.

Pick Your Patio Infographic
Patio Furniture Materials

Where do you start with patio furniture materials? Right here, with this guide. Then choose which one is best for your outside living space.

Sectional Buying Guide
Sectional Buying Guide

Fitting a sectional into your house can make you want to pull your hair out. Take the stress away with our sectional buying guide.

Adjustable Bed Buying Guide
Adjustable Base Buying Guide

Want to wake up to breakfast in bed every morning? We do too. Unfortunately our adjustable bases don’t make breakfast, but they do a lot of other great things.

Office Chair Buying Guide
Office Chair Buying Guide

Which office chair should you get? The one with back support, the one that shakes you awake when your eyes start drooping (okay maybe it won’t do that). Check out this guide to help decide.

Rug Buying Guide
Rug Buying Guide

Make shopping for rugs easy with our guide that gives you all the tips and tricks you’ll need. You can thank us later when your home looks perfect!

Pick Your Patio Infographic
Apartment Furniture Guide

Ready to buy grown-up furniture for your very first apartment? We’ve put got your back with this handy little guide to help navigate you choose all the right furniture!

Mattress Types Infographic
Dorm Furniture Guide

So you’re moving to the dorms huh? Let us help you take your room from blah to the best room on campus!

Home Inspiration & Ideas

Crib to College Infographic
Crib to College

From baby to graduation, this guide helps you choose furniture for every stage of your child’s life.

Ekornes Stressless Furniture Infographic
Ekornes Stressless Furniture

We’re sharing the secrets behind the Stressless collection that defines this unparalleled relaxation experience. But shh, don’t tell.

Explore Color Theory Infographic
Explore Color Theory

We’ve made choosing your room colors easier, so if you’re one of those people who can’t make up your mind, this will help!

Man Cave Infographic
Man Cave

Everything you need to know to build the ultimate man cave. Get ready to never leave your recliner!

New Home Buyer Infographic
New Home Buyer

You bought a home. Now what? Get inspired by some of the furniture and accessories selected for each type of home buyer.

Bedroom Inspiration Infographic
Bedroom Inspiration

Get inspired to create the bedroom of your dreams (we won’t tell our designers if you steal the show).

Furniture Styles 101

Home Style Series: Casual
Home Style: Casual

Get all the inspiration you need for casual interior design style in your home. We’ll teach you how to make it look good!

Home Style Series: Contemporary
Home Style: Contemporary

Get all the inspiration you need for contemporary interior design style in your home. We’ve gathered everything you need to know to make it fabulous.

Home Style Series: Country
Home Style: Country

Get all the inspiration you need for country interior design style in your home. You’ll feel like your home came straight out of the Wild West!

Home Style Series: Mission
Home Style: Mission

Get all the inspiration you need for mission interior design style in your home. Showcase those natural furniture pieces proudly!

Home Style Series: Rustic
Home Style: Rustic

Get all the inspiration you need for rustic interior design style in your home. It’ll almost feel like you and nature are one.

Home Style Series: Traditional
Home Style: Traditional

Get all the inspiration you need for traditional interior design style in your home. We get it, you enjoy the finer things in life.

Home Style Series: Transitional
Home Style: Transitional

Get all the inspiration you need for transitional interior design style in your home. You can never go wrong with a good transitional design.


Deluxe Adirondack Chairs Infographic
Adirondack Chairs 101

Learn about our Adirondack chairs and why we call them deluxe! With so many color options and high-quality construction, they’re hard to beat.

She Shed Infographic
She Shed Furniture

Get inspired to create your perfect she shed with all the perfect furniture for the space. From guesthouse to studio, we have furniture to fit every she shed type.

How to Host the Perfect Party Infographic
Hosting a Christmas Party

We’ve wrapped up all the tips and tricks on hosting the best Christmas party in a neat little bow, just like Santa does.

Create an Outdoor Oasis Infographic
Outdoor Furniture Essentials

Get inspired to create an outdoor oasis to call your own. Choose from a wide array of options to make your patio, deck or poolside the perfect outdoor living space.

Amish Outdoor Patio Furniture Infographic
Amish Outdoor Patio Furniture

Find out what the all the buzz is on our Amish Outdoor patio furniture. With excellent quality and durability, it’s the must have furniture for your patio or deck space.