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Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern Style Guide

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Mid-century modern style is a distinctive yet versatile design style. It fits perfectly between traditional and contemporary styles by drawing on elements of both. Mid-century modern style is associated with the 1960’s and has endured in popularity ever since.

Mid-century modern style characteristics

  • Organic shapes
  • Mixed natural elements
  • Clean lines
  • Contrasting textures
  • Medium to dark wood tones
  • Splayed legs
  • Pared-down geometric forms

Mid-century modern design can be identified in the subtle style details that combine to create the overall look: curved lines, arched floor lamps and splayed or tapered legs are just a few.

Graphic patterns add a pop of contrast to your space. Put down a colorful rug, abstract wall art or even a patterned ottoman. If you own vintage pop art, even better! Bringing the outdoors inside was a relatively new and trendy concept in the 1950s and 1960s so the more plants and greenery, the better!

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