5 Best Kids’ and Nursery Furniture Brands

Are you shopping for your kids’ bedroom or nursery? Learn about the best kids and baby furniture brands in the business with our helpful infographic! We've narrowed down to the top five kids’ furniture brands you can buy. Keep scrolling to discover which brands are most popular with our customers. Your kids are important. Shop for their furniture with confidence by choosing one of these most popular kids' furniture brands at Homemakers.

Top kids' and nursery furniture brands infographic


Our top-selling kids’ furniture brand is Trendwood Inc. This company, based in Arizona, has been on a mission to create high-quality furniture products for 30 years. They are dedicated to creating durable and stylish children’s’ furniture and accessories at the best prices possible.


The second best-selling nursery brand is Bivona. This company is dedicated to creating safe kids’ bedroom furniture and nursery furniture for any home. Their furniture is solidly crafted with innovative designs. Bivona provides safe, durable and versatile kids’ and nursery furniture at a great value.


Another great brand for kids’ and nursery furniture is Ashley Furniture. Great for any room, Ashley is a household name in affordable, high-quality furniture. Their cutting-edge designs make their kids’ and baby furniture trendy, safe and versatile. For more than 70 years, Ashley Furniture has produced world-class pieces that are first in the industry in both style and quality. Learn more about Ashley Furniture>


Coaster Fine Furniture is another top-notch choice for kids’ and baby furniture. Coaster is committed to producing excellent furniture for more than 20 years. They have maintained innovative and efficient ways to create high-quality furniture. Their kids’ furniture collections provide unique styles and functional designs for any bedroom.

Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby is a nursery brand that recognizes the need for reliable nursery products at an affordable price. As a brand, Million Dollar Baby has been dedicated to these ideas since their beginning in 1990. This nursery furniture company values integrity and consistency of quality while helping parents provide the best for their children, without compromising on the quality, safety or design of their products. Million Dollar Baby uses pine wood, one of the most renewable wood resources, to create sustainable cribs. They also package their products with recycled cardboard, making them one of the many eco-friendly furniture brands we're proud to carry at Homemakers. Learn more about Million Dollar Baby>

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