Meet Our Visual Team


"Color inspires me! It can make a room seem warm and cozy, or bright and cheerful. I love bright, vibrant colors and funky accessories. I think of accessories as the jewelry that dress up a room - you can dress it up or tone it down, all in the way you accessorize. Adding the perfect accessories to a room will tell a story about you!"


"My personal aesthetic draws from a wide variety of styles and periods, resulting in a look that's timeless and personable. I love to combine different colors, patterns and textures to create a space that's exciting and unique. My philosophy is that your home is a reflection of your personality—it's so important that you adore the space you're in."


"I would describe my style as casual and contemporary - clean lines, but still very livable. I like wood furniture in a merlot finish with metal accents of brushed nickel. I love lime green with a mix of browns, aqua blues and sometimes shades of orange. When accessorizing, I don't like clutter - just enough to finish the room and make it feel like home. I change out pillows often as an easy and inexpensive way of freshening up a room."


"My style is a modern take on a natural look. I love a clean, uncluttered home with natural wood tones, greenery, orchids and one-of-a-kind accessories to make the space feel intimate and alive. When it comes to seating, comfort is key, but neutral-toned fabric is a must! I prefer to change the look and feel of my rooms by switching out art, pillows and accessories."


"I view my style as classic meets eclectic. I like to take dark leathers, furs, mahogany and cherry woods and mix in playful accents and artwork while also adding antiques and vintage finds from over the years to bring in a rustic, homey feel. I believe every room in a home should be livable, comfortable and inviting while telling a story that speaks to personal style and makes everyone feel welcome. A house is more than just a home; it can be a work of art."


"I love a layered look that appears to have been collected over time. I mix new pieces with vintage and reclaimed ones and use a lot of texture and pattern. I also like to choose one bold color and repeat it throughout the room to tie the look together."