At Homemakers, strengthening our community is one of the pillars we built our company on almost 50 years ago, but finding time to volunteer outside of work can be tricky. Our employee Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program helps alleviate these roadblocks by providing different opportunities to give back. Together, we can positively impact the community we live, work, and play in all while on the clock. Join your Homemakers teammates and get paid to volunteer! See all available volunteer opportunities below.


Q: How many hours of VTO do I have?

A. Full-time employees have 4 hours of VTO for the second half of 2021. Beginning next year, all full-time employees will have 8 hours of VTO starting January 2022.

Q: Can I use VTO towards volunteering opportunities I’m already participating in outside of work?

A. VTO hours are only applicable to be used towards opportunities on

Q: If I RSVP online for an event, am I guaranteed to go?

A. When you RSVP online for an event, you’ve requested that we hold your spot at the event. However, your volunteer opportunity is subject to your manager’s approval which will be indicated in Sage/Insperity.

Q: In what instances will a manager NOT approve my VTO request?

A: VTO is only available for full time employees. Approval/denial will be at the manager’s discretion. Factors that will be considered include employee attendance, performance, business needs and staffing levels. A manager might not approve your request if they do not have enough coverage for your shift that day. Other reasons a manager might not approve your request is if you’re suspended or on probation or if your attendance to work has been an issue in the previous 3 months.

Q: What if the VTO opportunity is during hours I don’t typically work?

A: You may still use your VTO! In this situation, you would take the same amount of hours that you’ll be volunteering off from work earlier or later that week. Example: your typical two days off are Monday & Tuesday. You want to volunteer for the ARL on Tuesday for 2 hours. You would take off 2 hours of work sometime Wednesday-Sunday. If this situation arises, please communicate with your manager for approval of the adjustments to your normal schedule.

Q: How do I know how many hours I should request in Sage/Insperity for VTO?

A: On each event posting, there is a specified number of hours of VTO you can use for volunteering.

Q: Do I have to use my VTO?

A: VTO is a voluntary benefit that you are not required to use.

Q: Will I get paid for travel time on my way to volunteer?

A: Travel time is included in the number of hours you can request for VTO. Travel time is based on the amount of time it takes to travel to & from the charity from Homemakers. Homemakers does not compensate for mileage. Example: There’s a Food Bank volunteer opportunity. The amount of time you’re actually volunteering at the Food Bank is 2 hours. The travel time is 1 hour (30 minutes to the food bank, 30 minutes from the Food Bank). You would request 3 total hours of VTO. The number of VTO hours to request are also listed in each event on