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Fall Mantelpiece
September 28, 2020

Fall Inspiration for Your Mantelpiece

We all have our own style when it comes to fall decorating, especially above the fireplace. But with such a wide variety of fall mantel décor, knowing what to use where can get confusing. A mantelpiece is a shelf-like design above your fireplace that can be used to showcase décor, and with fireplaces being the focal point of the room, it seems only necessary to make it your own. From different design styles to individual accessories, here are some creative ways to spice up your mantelpiece for fall!

Fall Holidays

Decorating your mantelpiece is so much more fun during fall, especially with exciting holidays coming up. Check out these fireplace mantel ideas for the major fall holidays!

Spooky Décor

You’re not the only one who can get dressed up during Halloween, so can your interior! For a simple spooky aesthetic, use candles and painted pumpkins. However, if you want to create a spectacle to die for, use haunted house themed décor like full-body skeletons, bats, or frightening ghost props! Encompass the eerie feeling of Halloween by utilizing the wall space above your mantelpiece. Use rubber spiders or bats to create the illusion of critters crawling up your walls or hang spine-chilling pictures for a spook-tacular look!

Giving Thanks


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Create a warm and welcoming home with beautifully themed Thanksgiving décor. Include traditional fall elements to your mantelpiece, like greenery, pine cones, and acorns to represent the crisp autumn season, and combine it with some lettered artwork and family photos. Use harvest-inspired decorations like pumpkins and hay for a Thanksgiving aesthetic.

Fall Mantel Decor Ideas

Cozy Fall

First step in creating the perfect fall aesthetic? A garland. These made up of leaves and flowers and are draped or hung as decoration. For fall, you can find some beautiful garlands that are decorated with maple leaves, pine cones, and other accessories. Simply lay or hang it along your mantel for the ultimate fall design. Then finish it off with some mini pumpkins, framed artwork, or a basket of blankets to complete the cozy look!

Plant Fanatic

Another great fall mantel décor idea is to take advantage of flowers that bloom or thrive during fall. Flowers including mums, pansies, crotons, dianthus, and sweet alyssums are beautiful throughout the crisp autumn season. They bring a burst of color to your home and are impossible not to love. Display your flowers in your favorite fall vase for an elegant look or utilize them in a garland and drape it along your mantelpiece.



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Combine rustic and boho elements to create the perfect country home. Introduce white and brown into your color palette and showcase it throughout your decor. Photographs or mirrors with wooden frames paired with decorative white wall hangings create a flawless, rustic look. Finish it off with some wooden baskets or plants to be one step closer to a farmhouse interior.

Modest and Minimal


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If you’re not one for a lot of décor, the minimal route might be the better option! For long-lasting style, consider adding a single oversized accessory like a mirror or wall art as a centerpiece to your mantelpiece, paired with some simple decorations like candles or family photos. With the right accessories and a strategic layout, sometimes less is more!

Boho Abode


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Bring free-spirited vibes into your home with boho accessories! Use pinks, browns, and oranges in your color palette through decorations like candle holders, oversized mirrors, and unique artwork. Then sprinkle some small plants for a fresh, finishing look! Remember, keep your space minimal with fewer accessories.

No Mantelpiece? No Problem!

Don’t have a mantelpiece to showcase your fall or holiday décor? No worries! You can use these inspirational ideas with a console table, tv stand, or bookshelf! It’s super easy to transform practically any room into a fall getaway when you use the right accessories.

A fireplace mantel can be a defining part of any room, and it seems only fitting to decorate it accordingly. If you’re feeling the holiday spirit, decorating your mantel can be an easy way to transform your room into a spooky, thankful, or winter wonderland. Want less holiday but something that’ll last all fall? Try neutral colors with simple décor for long-lasting style! With these inspirational ideas, you’ll find the perfect fall mantel décor to match your interior.


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