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TV Stand Accessories Decor
December 16, 2019

How to Decorate the Wall Around a TV: 9 Best Ways

So, you’ve just purchased your dream TV. As you center your TV on your living room wall and step back to admire it, you note that the wall décor around your TV is lacking. You want your living room décor to be as impressive as your TV, but hiring an interior designer is expensive and you have no idea how to decorate a wall around a TV. Don’t fret! We’ve come up with nine stylish ways to decorate around a TV.


As a general rule, symmetry is visually pleasing. If your TV is centered on your wall, mantle, or entertainment center, consider adding wall art to make your living room feel balanced. There are several charming ways to add symmetry around your TV. Mirrors, wall art, sconces, cabinets, and lamps are just a few options that make your space feel homier.


Pictured above: Ashley Oengus Accent Mirror 

To brighten up your living room and add the illusion of more space, try a mirror! We have a large selection of mirrors at Homemakers, but we are loving these Ashley Oengus Accent mirrors. A set of these mirrors would liven up your TV decorations!

Wall Décor

Pictured above: Ashley Dubem Wall Decor Set of 2

If you’re stumped on how to decorate around a TV, wall décor is a great option. Really showcase your personality with your choice of wall décor! The selections are constantly changing at Homemakers, but we recommend this simple, yet stylish Ashley Dubem set to perk up the wall décor around your TV.

“If you have a lot of wall space showing behind a TV, think about using either a couple of larger prints or maybe a small series of art work-either horizontally or in a cluster.”

–Brandon, Visual Designer


Pictured above: Ashley Dina Wall Sconce 

Sconces add a touch of regal flair to your living room decor. Sconces are most commonly displayed in a set of two, making them the perfect way to add symmetry to the wall décor around a TV. While Homemakers has a number of wall sconces that would make great TV decorations, we adore the look of these elegant Ashley Dine sconces.

Cabinets & Shelves

Pictured above: Whalen LLC Vas Savo Entertainment Center 

How to decorate a wall around a TV 101: Add shelving. Shelves are both functional and stylish. That’s what we call win-win! There are several options for cabinets here at Homemakers, but this Whalen LLC Vas Savo entertainment center is just what you need.


Pictured above: Ashley Steuben Table Lamps Set of 2

If you prefer the décor around your TV to be functional as well as stylish, try table lamps. Homemakers has a sizeable amount of table lamps in stock, but we think that this Ashley Steuben lamp set will light up your TV decorations.


Pictured above: Pacific Coast Lighting Tripod Floor Lamp 

While symmetry is visually pleasing, don’t let that stop you from trying something funky, such as asymmetry! Not all TV Decorations need to be hung on the wall. Add some asymmetrical charm to your living room décor with a faux tree or floor lamp beside your TV to add some visual height. This Pacific Coast tripod floor lamp would be an excellent piece to add asymmetry to your living room set-up.

Gallery Wall

Pictured above: Uttermost Moonlight Ferns Wall Art Set of 6Ashley Jazmin Wall Clock

Can’t narrow down your wall décor to just one or two pieces? No problem! Pick several of your favorite pieces to create a gallery wall to compliment your living room TV. A gallery wall can add personality to your room and flow well with your TV. Homemakers has countless wall décor options to fit your style, but our favorites are wall clocks and wall art. Add some botanical notes with these stylish fern prints! If that’s not your style, consider this chic, marble wall clock. Check out this blog post to guide you through hanging your own gallery wall! We’ve thought of everything.

Wallpaper or Decals

Maybe you hate measuring, drilling, and everything that comes with hanging décor. Maybe you can’t make any permanent alterations to your living space, like nail holes. If you want a simpler solution, don’t be afraid to use wallpaper or wall decals! Turn your TV wall into an accent wall with some botanical wallpaper, or quirky wall decals. Wallpaper can be relatively inexpensive and temporary (this one is for you, college kids and apartment-renters)


Once again, if you’re looking for an option that’s less permanent or more versatile, you’ve got options. If your TV is resting on an entertainment center or mantle, just add accessories! Monograms, candles, globes, books, etc. The choice is yours! Accessories also give you a chance to showcase your personal style. Do you like contemporary décor, rustic décor, or Hollywood glam décor? The choice is yours! Come visit us in-store to browse our great selection of accessories on the floor!

Hide It

Pictured above: Ashley Blinton W723 Collection Entertainment Center 

If the options above don’t appeal to you, you might want to hide your TV altogether. Consider putting your TV inside an entertainment center with doors. This Ashley Blinton W723 entertainment center is perfect for your needs! The shelves are the perfect spot to accessorize, while the sliding doors cover the TV with ease, leaving you with a stylish and functional space!

It can feel hard to make your TV look as asthetically pleasing as the rest of your living room, but with these tips and tricks, you’re on your way to a beautiful layout, even with a TV!


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