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Hiding cords TV Wall-Mounted TV
September 17, 2020

Creative Ways to Hide Cords on a Wall Mounted TV

You want to create an amazing setup for your new TV, and mounting it on the wall seems like a stylish way to go. Just one problem… all those cords can really get in the way! While hiding cords can be pretty easy with a tv stand or entertainment center, cord management on a wall-mounted TV is much trickier. Here are our favorite creative ways to hide TV cords when wall-mounting!

Wire It Through the Wall

One of the most popular ways to hide cords on a wall-mounted TV is to put them inside the wall directly behind your TV. This method has some big advantages but also some huge drawbacks. If you’re looking to truly hide those cables, this method gets the job done. It involves physically cutting holes in your wall to run the cords through, resulting in a setup that looks practically wireless. On the other hand, cutting out chunks of your wall doesn’t have an easy undo button. Plus, if you’re renting, many landlords will have lease terms prohibiting this. Still, this method works and looks amazingly well when done right.

If you decide to go this route, keep a few things in mind. If you’re wanting to tackle this as a DIY project, be sure to look at different products and kits that will help guide you through this process. While you technically can go at it without these, it’s probably not advisable. Also, remember to note the type of wall you want to mount your TV on. A brick wall is going to be a lot more difficult to cut through than drywall. In the event this method isn’t going to work out, don’t fret! There are plenty of other solutions.

Cover ‘Em Up with a Cord Cover

For a less invasive but still stylish method, a cord cover raceway is a good bet. These nifty pieces can be either drilled or taped onto your wall. They run down your mounted TV to your TV stand, completely hiding the wires behind them! You can also paint them to make it blend in with your room. The main downside of this method is it won’t have the same totally wireless feel as going inside the wall, but it’s MUCH less invasive.

Take Advantage of Stylish Accessories

This one will work best if you have some type of stand or surface beneath your wall-mounted TV. Instead of messing around with the cords themselves, just strategically place accessories to cover them up!

Not only is this method simple, it’s also one of the most creative ways to hide TV cords! Just be sure the accessories you use flow with the rest of your space and don’t look out of place. A few well positioned books or snazzy art pieces can look like a natural part of your décor. The cords will still be there, but no one will even notice. For more decorating tips, check out our blog post on How to Decorate the Wall Around a TV!

Bring Your Cords All Together

A huge challenge when hiding TV wires is that there are just so many of them! Cords for the TV itself, cords for your cable box, cords for media players, the list goes on and on. To alleviate this, good cord management is essential. A cable wrap tube functions as one big cable that fits all your little cables. This method isn’t going to make your cords disappear on its own, but when paired with other methods, it can make your set up look a lot cleaner. Plus, it will be much easier to completely hide your cables in the future. After all, hiding one cable is a lot easier than hiding 10.

Hide Them in Plain Sight with Wire Art

Okay, this one is technically cheating. For a solution a bit more out-of-the-box, keep your cords in plain view and transform them into something pleasant. Since most TV cords are super flexible and long, morph them into wire art! Sure, the cords will still be there, but they won’t feel like exposed cables. The possibilities are endless! Form a big city skyline or turn your cords into magnificent trees. Whatever you decide, the end result is going to be much better than having a bunch of loose wires dangling everywhere.

We hope these creative ways to hide TV cords help you build the perfect setup in your home. Having a wall-mounted TV is a stylish option and knowing how to make it look extra sleek is a sure way to elevate your space to the next level.

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