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October 05, 2020

How to Design an Indoor Space for Your Dog

For some of us, having a dog is like having a small (or big!) addition to the family. They have this magical effect on us that can make us feel calm, loved, and secure all at the same time, so it seems only necessary to give them a place to call their own. Whether you have one dog… or eight, giving them a place to sleep, eat, and play could be just what they need. May that be a corner in a room, the laundry or mudroom, or even their own room! Here are some tips and tricks on how you can design an indoor dog room AND organize it accordingly!

Deciding on a Space

Deciding where to create your pet palace is your first mission. There are a lot of factors that go into this decision, including, the size of your dog, the size of your home, how much space you’ll need, what rooms you have in your home, and most importantly, your pet’s personality. Take a look at where to put an indoor dog room with these perfect spots for your furry friend.

Laundry Room


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Create a multi-use room by placing your dog in the laundry room or mudroom. Since these rooms can offer a lot of storage space, it makes sense to make it an additional room for your fury friend. A laundry or mudroom usually has tile flooring, which makes cleaning up after your pet super easy, especially if you’re potty training or want to include a dog bath! Plus, if your pet loves to tear apart your house when you’re gone, adding a baby gate makes sure your pup is secure.

Creating a Dog Bedroom


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If you’ve got a lot of pups, using a spare bedroom and a designated dog bedroom is a viable best option! It provides a lot of space, as well as a space to store additional furniture (that is if you trust your dog with furniture!). You can either use beds for your pup or dog beds, depending on what you prefer. Add some storage solutions for toys, and you got yourself your very own dog bedroom!

Under Cabinets/Stairs


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Utilizing the space under your cabinets is a crafty way to make more room for your pup. Usually easier for smaller or medium-sized dogs, this area provides a great space-saving. This enclosed space can help dogs who are generally shy towards guests, making it their very own little getaway! Another option is cutting a hole in your stairs. Even though this may seem drastic, it utilizes forgotten space and looks super stylish and modern!



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Similar to a laundry and mudroom, a kitchen usually has tiled flooring making it an easy option for those pups that are potty training or constantly having muddy feet. Since the kitchen doesn’t necessarily have a lot of furniture, it’s a good option for those who love to chew. However, if you have a sneaky pup who can easily figure out how to open cabinets and pantry doors, the kitchen might not be the most suitable option for you and your pup.

Whether you’re shopping for new furniture or just rearranging, our room planner makers designing your home a breeze. Use our virtual room planner to figure out where to place your indoor dog room!

The Necessities

Now you’ve decided where to put your pup, it’s time to fill it with all the necessities!

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A Pet Bed (…or tent!)

A pet bed is the centerpiece to any indoor dog room. Whether you only have one bed for your dog or multiple beds in each room, it can offer a comfy place for your dog to relax. Take it up a notch with a pet tent! Tents make for a chic addition to your home, and can amplify your interior style.

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We all love to snuggle up in a blanket every now and then, and so do dogs! Layering a blanket in your dogs’ room or bed creates more coziness for your bundle of fluff. It also works well if you have dogs that love jumping up on furniture. Place a blanket on your couch or bed to prevent it from being painted by dirty paws.

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Storage Solutions for Toys

Let’s be honest, anything with storage makes a whole lot of difference to a room. Since we all like to spoil our dog with (too many) toys, we need a place to store them. Place a large basket or box in the corner of their space to put their toys in. Consider finding something with an open top so they can easily take their toys out!

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Food and Watering Hole

One important step is adding a food and water bowl to your dog’s space. You can always use a cabinet or drawer to store food in, but make sure it’s out of reach from your pup! Top it off with a waterproof mat underneath to help with those sloppy drinkers.

Doors or Cages

Doors or baby gates can be added to indoor dog rooms to keep your pups inside. When leaving the house for a long period, or even during the night, putting your dog in a secure room may benefit the both of you. Plus, using a crate might make your shy pup feel a little safer!

Hooks for Leashes

Utilizing a hook to hold leashes could very well make your life easier. No more stressing about where you left it last time you walked them. Plus, it makes for a great way to decorate your wall space!


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