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In-Store Clearance Center


If you’re looking for discount furniture, the 14,000 square foot Homemakers Clearance Center is your destination. Full of in stock and deeply discounted furniture and home accessories, you can find all the style at a fraction of the price, with top brands up to 70% off. With new sales and products added every day, there’s always new ways to save and fresh deals to be found. Products are sold at, near, or below cost, giving you the best savings on every item.

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How Do Items End up in the Clearance Center?

There are many reasons items end up in the Clearance Center. You’ll find items spanning all categories, brands, and styles, and the inventory is constantly changing. Some of the top ways to save with the Clearance Center include:

1. Customer returns in like-new condition
2. Light manufacturer defects
3. Warehouse overstocks
4. Closeout specials
5. Floor samples
6. Unclaimed orders

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How Do I Shop the Clearance Center?

The Homemakers Clearance Center is an in-store only shopping experience. With inventory changing multiple times a day, it’s all about the thrill of the hunt. When one piece is purchased, another is brought right out to take its place. Most Clearance Center finds are one-of-a-kind, so it’s important to move quickly.

How Do I Get My Clearance Center Items Home?

All our shipping, delivery and pickup options are available for items found in the Clearance Center. Clearance Center items are all in-stock and ready to ship or pickup.

Learn More About Our Fulfillment Options

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How Much Can I Save in the Clearance Center?

You’ll find items for up to 70% off the suggested retail price inside the Clearance Center. The total discount takes into consideration many factors, including:

• The amount of time the item has been in the Clearance Center
• The overall condition of the item
• The volume of any remaining stock left to sell
• The amount of Clearance Center items waiting to go on the floor

How Else Can I Save at Homemakers?

If you’re on the hunt for inexpensive furniture, the Clearance Center is just one of many areas for you to explore. Check out of 10,000 square foot Outlet for additional savings, both in-store and online. In addition, shop using our “Good, Better, Best” categorization as your guide.

Good "Affordable" Furniture

These affordable, budget-friendly furniture pieces provide great value without sacrificing style. This is a great choice if you want an economical solution for your living space. Stop by our Hm Outlet to shop our most affordable furniture!

Shop Affordable Furniture

Better "Dependable" Furniture

Moderately priced and attractive, these home goods offer solid functionality and everyday dependability. You’ll enjoy a higher degree of fabrication and sometimes even your choice of materials or finishes.

Shop Dependable Furniture

Best "Luxury" Furniture

These high-quality furnishings feature top-of-the-line luxury, including premium features and materials. This is the optimal choice for you if you’re seeking premier furnishings with exceptional craftsmanship.

Shop Luxury Furniture