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Affordable Furniture
July 25, 2019

How to Furnish Your Apartment Under $500, $1500 and $2500

(Updated 10/19/2023)

How do you furnish an apartment on a budget?

Everyone has moved into their first apartment before. You probably remember the planning, decorating, picking out new furniture… ahh the memories. If you’re currently moving into a new apartment, congratulations! It’s an exciting time. You might be thinking that furnishing an apartment is going to cost a lot. But it doesn’t have to! It’s possible to shop for apartment furniture on a budget. We have great apartment furniture to fit every budget.

How to Furnish an Apartment Under $500

Furnishing your apartment with $500


You might be thinking it’s impossible, but this is how to furnish an apartment under $500. You keep it simple. Go back to the basics and spend on the things you need the most. A sofa is the perfect staple for your living space and the addition of a TV stand pulls it together. It’s time to get your mattress up off the floor, so we added a bed. Simplify your style to save a few bucks. Grab an affordable mattress and you’ll have all the essentials to furnish an apartment under $500.

Shop this look for under $500!

How to Furnish an Apartment Under $1,500

Furnishing your apartment with $1500


To furnish an apartment under $1,500, start with your essentials, then add your accessories. A sofa adds versatility to your living space with both seating and extra sleeping space for guests. You’ll also want a TV stand to make the space functional. Adding a rug will make it feel cozy. Upgrade your bedroom with a bed, nighstand and dresser.

Shop this look for under $1500!

How to Furnish an Apartment Under $2,500

Furnishing your Apartment with $2500


A bigger budget allows for some flexibility in your apartment furniture choices. You can choose more accessories, a bigger sofa and get a matching bedroom set to tie your bedroom together. Your budget allows for your staple furniture pieces, while having some money remaining to add accessories that show your personality. Rugs, lamps, wall décor and clocks are all great ways to add your own personal touch to your space.

Shop this look for under $2,500!

Shopping for apartment furniture on a budget is simple. Decide how much you’d like to spend, determine what staple furniture items you need, then add in accessories. You can always purchase more apartment furniture and décor as time goes on too.


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