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Homemakers Updates New Website
July 18, 2022

Homemakers Furniture Launches New Industry Leading E-Commerce Website

Homemakers Furniture is re-imagining the world of digital retail with the launch of its new e-commerce website., first launched in 2008, has transitioned from a once static website to the furniture brand’s first e-commerce site in 2014.

With this new website, launched in April of 2022, customers can expect a seamless browsing and checkout experience, an expansive offering of products, the future integration of shopping technology and quick and easy access to customer support and service.

“As a company, we are investing heavily in our e-commerce and digital strategy. This new website gives us the tools we need to make sure we’re providing the best online shopping experience for our customers,” Jason Merschman, Homemakers AVP said.

Homemakers saw a 243% growth in online revenue when looking at the past two years and comparing them to the two years prior. Fueled by the COVID pandemic, the furniture retailer has had to pivot to best serve customers.

“For almost 50 years, we’ve built our business based on excellent customer service, great prices, and a seemingly endless selection of products. As the retail industry changes, this new site will allow us to adapt while staying true to our core values and points of difference,” Merschman said.

First opening its showroom doors in 1974, Homemakers has built a reputation for providing a jaw dropping shopping experience to customers visiting the 215,000 square foot showroom. The new was designed to replicate that shopping experience on digital platforms.

“Digital innovation is our top priority. We’re excited to position ourselves as leaders in the online shopping industry not only to attract new customers but to meet our current customers where they are at,” Merschman said.


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