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Maximalism Interior Design
October 11, 2021

Interior Design Style Guide: Maximalism


One of interior design’s biggest trends in recent years has been minimalism. This style is all about taking a pared back and toned-down approach to decorating a space, where less is more. In response to this trend, maximalism has begun to surge in popularity. Maximalist interior design is all about expressing oneself. Extravagant designs, rooms filled with furniture and décor, and vibrant patterns and colors make this a distinctive style to choose.

What is Maximalism?

If you’re considering adopting a maximalist approach to your interior design, it’s important to recognize what maximalism is, as the name and comparison to minimalism can lead to misconceptions.

Maximalism is:

  • Expressing yourself to the fullest
  • Using bold colors and accents
  • Utilizing layering techniques
  • Filling up spaces with a variety of furniture pieces and decor
  • Creating a unique and nontraditional space

Maximalism is not:

  • Hoarding items for the sake of hoarding
  • Cluttering your space
  • A strict set of design rules
  • A change that should be made overnight

Creating a Maximalist Space

Since maximalism involves combining many elements of design to create your ideal space, it can be complex and doesn’t always follow traditional interior design rules. It’s okay to take it slow and build up your personal maximalist space over time! Here are ways you can begin your journey to implementing maximalist interior design in your home!


Mastering maximalist interior design means mastering the art of layering. Knowing how to expertly combine the colors and textures of different pieces into a cohesive look is a fundamental aspect of maximalism.

One of the best ways to implement this in your space is through rug layering. Since rugs can be strategically placed on top of one another, you can easily use this to create definition throughout your home. For the true maximalist experience, layer rugs with bold patterns, colors, and textures.

living room

Learn More About Rug Layering!

Bold Colors

Filling your home with bold colors is a powerful way to bring out the most in your maximalist space. When deciding how to incorporate color, start with choosing a wall color that complements the overall look you’re going for. Whether you choose a basic neutral tone to build your space around or a one-of-a-kind pattern, make sure it won’t clash with everything else you plan on adding.

Yellow living room

Statement Pieces

Many interior design styles encourage utilizing a statement piece to focus a space around and capture attention. Maximalism takes this concept to the extreme and encourages adding many different statement pieces. The result is that your entire space becoming the statement, rather than just one specific piece. Here are some great elements of potential statement pieces:

Patterned Upholstery

Choosing patterned pieces is sure to make your space stand out. From fun geometric and abstract patterns to extravagant animal prints, patterned pieces scream maximalism.


Tufted pieces add an extra touch of style wherever you place them. Whether you go with a piece that has classic button tufting, traditional diamond tufting, or modern biscuit tufting, this is a great way to add additional detail and visual intrigue to your maximalist space.

Arms and Legs

Be sure not to overlook the arms and legs of statement pieces. Elements such as flair or rolled arms, tapered legs, and bun feet are the perfect way to visually enhance any space.

Nail Head Trim

Nail head trim adds a luxurious detail to any piece. It adds texture to your statement pieces, giving them a detailed look that matches up perfectly with what maximalism aims to achieve.

Wall Decor

Empty walls are a no-go in maximalist interior design. Fill up that empty space with a huge variety of wall decor and accessories that speak to your personality! The point here is not to fill the walls with whatever decor you find, so don’t fret if you don’t have enough pieces to fill up the walls immediately. Slowly building up your collection is more than okay! 

Gallery wall


Experiment with Different Styles

The great thing about maximalism is how much freedom it gives you! You can truly explore and experiment with a wide variety of different pieces until you create the ideal space for you. It can be helpful to think of maximalism as an approach to interior design, not a particular style.

Mix-and-match styles you love throughout your space to create something truly unique. Maybe you want to take a contemporary sofa and pair it with a mid-century modern coffee table. Or, pair the elegance of a traditional bed with unique decor adorning all the walls!

Boho and Maximalism

Maximalism has a ton in common with boho style. They both encourage boldness, getting creative, and creating an unconventional space that is truly your own. Check out our Boho Style Guide to get a jump-start on inspiration for your maximalist space!

Adopting a maximalist approach to interior design throughout your home is a great way to bring out of the best of your space and make it truly unique. For those that love filling their home with bold pieces and eye-catching accents, taking a more-is-more approach with maximalism is the way to go.


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