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March 16, 2020

Top Spring Color Palette Ideas for Your Home

With chocolate eggs, warmer weather, and cute animal paintings just around the corner, it’s time to start freshening up your spring interior design with new spring color palette ideas. From lavender to sage green and even caramels, you can transform your home into a spectacular, magical garden. After the long, cold winter season, embrace sunlight and energy into your home with warm tones and elegance. Say hello to spring with vibrant colors, spring décor, and more to awaken your organic beauty.

Sage Green and White

Freshen up your home this spring with sage green to enhance harmony and bring balance into your space. Sage green is a soft shade of green that brings a sense of nature into any home when added correctly. Combining this green hue with white encourages a relaxed ambiance. You can adopt other shades of green into your spring color palette such as mint, fern, and pistachio. You can utilize greens into any room with chairs, ottomans, accessories, or with faux house plants! Flowers and plants are a great way to complement spring, and with their natural beauty, they smell as beautiful as they look. 

  • Colors to pair this with would be beige, citron, and lavender.

Pink and Gold

Pink is considered a delicate color. It is a must-have in any spring color palette since it relates closely with some of the same attributes as spring. Incorporating shades of pink can create a tender, yet playful, aesthetic that would fit perfectly into your spring home décor. Pastel pinks, blush, and rosewood are all soft shades of pink that are associated with flowers, sweets, and candies. Accenting it with golds can enhance that delicate aesthetic. You can do this by using gold décor, such as a flower vase, accent pillows, or paintings to accents pinks walls, carpet, or furniture.

  • Colors to pair this with would be purples, browns, white, and forest green.


Looking for a bold, vibrant color in your home to enhance spring? Try tangerine! (No, not the fruit.) Tangerine is an orange hue that was named after the exterior of the fruit. It symbolizes energy, youth, and joy. You can utilize this color in your home with sofas, throws, or flowers. What better way to brighten up your home this spring than by adding bold tangerine furniture and décor?!

  • Colors to pair this with would be brown and white.

Lavender and Caramels

Light shades of purple, like lavender or lilac, are another great addition to your spring color palette. They create a boho-inspired look that can last way past spring. Combining shades of purple with brown hues, like caramel or beige, help accent the vibrant purple hue. Reimagine your bland, brown walls by pairing it with lavender with accent furniture to create the perfect, calming spring room. If you’re looking for something to last you through spring and into summer, try this color palette for long-lasting elegance.

  • Colors to pair this with would be gold, beige, and aquamarine.

Seafoam and Yellow

Soft blues are another great way of creating a spring color palette. The color blue can be associated with calmness and tranquility, which is perfect when designing a spring aesthetic. Pair light blues, such as seafoam, with the shades of yellow to brighten up every inch of your space.  IMPORTANT: when combining bold and vibrant colors, be sure not to combine too many! This creates a loud room with a messy amount of sensations that will ruin your spring color palette completely. Don’t be afraid to utilize neutral colors like white and beige to keep your home aesthetic calm.

  • Colors to pair this with would be neutrals, lavender, and coral.


Not into bright colored furniture? Don’t worry! Soft neutral colors are great at making your home seem clean. And with spring cleaning quickly approaching, it’s time to open up windows and let that sunlight in! Choosing shades of white, brown, and gray can create an elegant backdrop for your home. You can highlight warmer weather with spring home décor such as plants, or accent pillows. However hard you try, you can’t go wrong with neutral colors!

  • Colors to pair these vibrant colors like purples and oranges.

Spring Home Décor!

Get colorful this spring by updating your spring décor! With spring festivities like Easter, mayday, Mother’s Day, and more just around the corner, get creative with an abundance of different décor ideas.


Don’t forget about your walls! Optimize wasted space on your walls with colorful paintings to show off spring related décor like cute animals, watering cans, bikes, or flowers. They are great at creating an anchor to your space.

Door Décor

Show your neighbors that spring has entered your home by decorating your door with the ultimate spring décor! Garlands and signs can make a great addition to your home and help spread the joy of spring in your community.


Get creative with baskets. Whether or not you celebrate anything during spring, you can craft a basket with whatever you like. Chocolate, Easter eggs, fruit! Try it out and see your space transform.


When thinking of spring, we think of flowers. With an arrangement of bright, vibrant colors, flowers are a great way to freshen up any space. They are the ultimate spring décor that keep your home fresh and stylish without the hassle. And, depending on your ever-changing interior style, you can change them out weekly!

Let colorful hues into your home this spring to capture the start of warmer weather. With these calming colors and color palette ideas, you can create the perfect home this spring season!



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