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Seasonal Trends
November 29, 2023

Mrs. Post Frame's Tips to Rustic Inspired Christmas Decor

I was surprised at how much decorating for Christmas meant to me once we moved into our barndominium. It felt like the final piece of the puzzle and we could truly call this place home.


One of my first major home purchases was a 16’ Christmas tree to go in the corner of our living room that has 18’ ceilings. I didn’t have a plan for how to decorate it when I first put it up. 


Growing up my parents always let us choose an ornament for the tree. We kept a meticulous list year after year, and when we moved out the ornaments we had been selecting came with us. It has served as a sentimental base to my holiday decor. I have always felt like Christmas decorating should build year after year. Eliminating and starting over each time for me wipes away the memories. Instead, I focus on bringing in new pieces to mix with what I already have. For me that feels fresh and on trend. 


As you can imagine, a tree that’s 16’ requires a LOT of lights and decor. We start with white lights, then move onto sentimental ornaments from my childhood and our children. We fill in from there with other decor that ties it in with the rest of the house.


An easy way to freshen up your Christmas decor is through your wrapping theme. I love mixing 2-3 different styles of paper, ribbons, and a sprig or two. This way I can bring in pops of color or patterns without having to do anything permanent. Wrapped gifts under the tree make the room feel complete in my opinion. If you’re afraid of sneak peaks you can do what I did- number each gift and don’t tell anyone who the gift is meant for!

We start with white lights, then move onto sentimental ornaments from my childhood and our children.

Here is what I'm looking for while decorating for Christmas this year:


1. Narrow ribbon in colors that I love all year round not just Christmas!

2. "Filler" sprigs to add to the tree, garland, or table decor

3. Lighted items to place on counters, bathrooms, or other spots for just a little bit of holiday cheer

4. Flocked Decor- whether we have a white Christmas outside or not it'll feel that way in my home!


 Written by Emily Marshalll