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Transitional Style Guide

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if contemporary and traditional style had a baby? Meet transitional style—a new and trendy take on old-world design. This style is sophisticated, yet simple. It’s chic, yet comfortable. You’ll find an elegant combo of traditional and contemporary elements that create a refined overall look. For those who like a more glamourous touch, transitional style perfectly blends the luxe look with accessible style.

Transitional style characteristics

  • Mirrored or glass surfaces
  • Diverse fabric patterns
  • Neutral or monochromatic palettes
  • Understated décor
  • Minimal ornamentation
  • Clean lines
  • Lacquered finishes
  • Luxurious details

The beauty of transitional style is its diversity. It blurs the lines between new and old, giving you the freedom to make your own design statement. The trick is to create harmony amidst the mix and matching. A neutral or monochromatic color palette can help bring balance to any transitional space. The result: a chic space that’s a style all your own

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