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August 20, 2020

5 Ideas for Utilizing Empty Spaces

A well-decorated and furnished home makes everybody feel good about their space. Your décor is a way to express yourself and show off your style to family and friends. However, we all have those spots that go forgotten in our homes. Whether it’s the barren living room corner or a guest room seldom used, here are five ideas for empty spaces to give them the attention they deserve and spruce up that space!

Create an Indoor Greenspace

A well-placed houseplant is universally appreciated and sure to make your space feel cozier. Whether you’re looking for a prickly cactus or vibrant violas, there’s something out there for every aesthetic. When picking out what plants you want, be sure to consider how you’re going to care for them. Plants vary in terms of what they need to survive, as well as how difficult it is to care for them. Some plants are picky and need just the right amount of sunlight and water. Others just need to not be dehydrated for days on end.

You can go all-out with a huge display of nature or just accent your space with one or two plants.  And if caring for plants isn’t your thing, artificial plants are the perfect low-maintenance décor pieces!

Curl Up in a Cozy Reading Nook

Our lives can be busy and stressful, and sometimes it’s nice to have a designated space to relax in. While a living room sofa or chair can achieve this, they already serve other purposes. Why not use that forgotten space to create a place to truly unwind and forget about everything?

A cozy reading nook is the perfect solution for this. Maybe you have a whole room to dedicate to this or an empty living room corner just begging to be used. Start by choosing a comfy seating option like a loveseat or small accent chair, paired with an ottoman for extended style! Since this is a reading nook, you’ll also want to include a bookcase. For small spaces, a short bookcase is an ideal fit. Now all that’s left is to curl up with your favorite book!

Add a Stylish Storage Space

Let’s be real, more storage space is never a bad thing. At some point, you’re going to wish you had another spot to store essentials. If you find yourself in this position and also have an unused space, you can solve both problems at once! Storage pieces don’t need to be bulky and stick out like a sore thumb. They can be sleek and minimalistic, which is perfect for a small forgotten space.

Many small pieces, such as buffets, feature decently sized cupboards that are just the right amount of space. They’ll be the perfect complement, not an overwhelming addition. Check out more storage ideas in our Top 10 Storage Pieces blog!

Ashley Tyler Creek Buffet

Put Your Style and Personality on Display

Many furniture decisions we make balance style and functionality. Why not use your forgotten space to really focus on displaying what you love? You could take a small accent table and use its surface top to display homemade art or your collection. Or showcase a wall shelf to take advantage of vertical space.

If you have an empty living room spot, a curio cabinet is a perfect fit. With their glass doors, these pieces can protect valuables you want to showcase. Whatever you go with, there are a ton of different ways to style and add to your space.

Just to Make Your Space Complete

While these are all great ideas for empty spaces, you aren’t limited to them. Maybe you just want to make an incomplete part of your home feel whole. If that’s the case, don’t feel pressured to transform that space into something specific.

A lot of changes can be made to an empty space without any particular purpose. Sometimes all it takes is the right piece of accent furniture or the perfect accessory. If you want just like the way something looks, go for it! Ultimately this is your space, so you should furnish it in whatever way makes you happiest.

Whatever you decide to do with your forgotten space, we hope these five ideas for empty spaces give you plenty of inspiration and allow you to see the potential they can provide. Every space in your home has a purpose, sometimes it just takes a bit of out-of-the-box thinking to find it.


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