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March 20, 2017

Types of Bedding 101 Guide

What is a comforter vs a duvet? What’s the difference between a quilt and coverlet? We’re here to answer all your questions with our Types of Bedding 101 guide! We’ll also cover how to change your bedding with the seasons to help you get that much-needed sleep.

There are so many types of bedding that it can be overwhelming to try and choose the perfect pieces. Pop quiz: Can you tell us what the difference is between a duvet and a coverlet? Kind of? See, it’s not so easy!

Keep reading to learn about everything from mattresses to accent pillows, layer by layer. By the end of this post you’ll be the resident bedding expert and win friends everywhere you go. Well, we can’t guarantee that, but at least you’ll be able to find the stylish coverlets, duvets, quilts and comforters that will make your bedroom an oasis. There might also be another pop quiz question at the end (better pay attention!)

Types of Bedding Infographic

Pictured above

Coverlet- Hampton Hill 3-Piece Coverlet Set
Duvet- Sis Covers 6 Piece Duvet Set
Quilt- Hampton Hill 6-Piece Full/Queen Quilt Set
Comforter- Hampton Hill 7-Piece Full/Queen Comforter Set
Mattress Protector- Tempurpedic King Mattress Protector

Breaking Down Different Bedding Types

What is a bedspread? Ahh, bedspreads. This is where we’ll dive into the nitty gritty. These are the pieces that go on top of the sheets and light blankets you already have on your bed. To make it super easy, we’ve arranged our list of bedspread options from lightweight to heavy. Once and for all, we end the debate on bedspreads!

  • Coverlet- A coverlet is the lightest bed topper, although they do come in different weights. Usually quilted or woven, a coverlet is non-reversible and is usually placed on top of a thicker bedspread as an extra layer during cold weather or just for decoration. If the weather is warm, you can use just a coverlet on top of sheets to make your space as comfortable as possible. Some coverlets are sold with coordinating shams.

Shop Coverlets

  • Duvet– A duvet is probably the most versatile bedspread option because you have so many options in weight and style and it can replace other sheets and blankets. Usually filled with feather or down, duvets can be put into removable covers of any color or pattern you like which also makes it easy to shake up your style seasonally. These removable covers make cleaning easy as well. Duvets come in different weights so you can choose one heavy enough to replace a top sheet or layer a lighter one under a heavier quilt.

Shop Duvets

  • Quilt- A quilt is made up of a layer of batting sandwiched between two pieces of cloth. The top layer is usually made up of different fabrics or patterns stitched together. Quilts are easy to layer; throw a couple down or under a duvet in cooler months. They make a great in-between option for spring and fall.

Shop Quilts

  • Comforter- A comforter is the thickest bedspread, although they too are available in different weights. Comforters are sometimes quilted and filled with down, wool, batting or even silk. Just like the other pieces in this list, comforters are easy to layer. You most likely won’t need one during warm seasons but they are easy to put down on top of coverlets or quilts.

Shop Comforters

  • Shams-  A sham is usually included in bedding sets and is designed to match or coordinate with a coverlet or duvet. Shams have an opening in the back with a slight overlap in the fabric. They come in different sizes for the your set, so a queen set will have queen-sized shams and a king set will have king-sized shams. They’re a great way to add more design and color to your bedding set beyond a plain pillowcase.
  • Accent pillows– Accent pillows are the icing on the cake (you know, if you slept on cake). They can pull together a core color or add pops of contrasting color and design. Accent pillows are also to change out for different seasons or if you decide to change the color or design scheme of your bedroom. Drop by the showroom; we have tons of options in the store for you to browse!
  • Mattress Protector- Why do you need a mattress protector? If you haven’t used a mattress protector since your dorm days at school, it may be time to consider adding this piece back into your bedding. Also called a mattress topper or pad, it adds extra cushioning and is placed under a fitted sheet. It also guards your mattress from dirt, sweat, stains and dust which extends the life of your mattress. It can also impact your warranty on Homemakers mattresses. A mattress protector is an easy way to preserve your investment in a mattress!

Shop Mattress Protectors

What you need really depends on the season and your own comfort level. Bedding is so versatile that you can have pieces from every category on this list to mix, match and layer. There are no hard and fast rules so you can choose whatever bedding you like!

Seasonal Bedding Changes

Unless you keep your bedroom at the same temperature all year-round, you won’t need to use the same bedspreads. Warm months call for lightweight, minimal bedding while cold months require thick, heavy bedding. There are also options for in-between seasons!

We made up a bed from our showroom to show you how easy it is to change your bedding as we move transition from winter to spring.

There are only a few key pieces to swap out. We exchanged a thick duvet and sheets for a lightweight coverlet and breathable cotton sheets and changed out the shams to match the bedspread. You can easily switch up throw blankets and accent pillows to reflect changing styles and seasons. Changing bedding is so simple! You can find stylish bedding accents in the Homemakers showroom that will carry you through every season.

Pop quiz! What’s the rule of thumb when choosing bedspreads?

There are no rules! It can be confusing differentiating between a coverlet and a quilt or wondering if you’re allowed to layer a quilt over a comforter. Our hope is that this guide helped define and explain different bedding pieces so you can easily choose the most stylish pieces for your room.


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