College Essentials and Dorm Furniture

Heading off to college this fall? Congrats! It’s an exciting time, but it can be a huge adjustment.

Fortunately, Homemakers has you covered. From freshman roommates to dorm room ideas and college essentials, we have all the information you need to start your semester off right—except for how to find your 8 a.m. lecture. That’s on you.

Video: Must-Have Dorm Room Furniture

Dorm rooms aren’t known for being particularly spacious. When you’re making your list of what to bring to college, you have to ask yourself two questions: which items will save space, and which items can serve multiple purposes?

To help you out, we've put together a list of the dorm room essentials that do both.

Graduation party season

It's no secret that we love parties, and graduation parties are no exception. You and your friends have worked hard, and the world is your oyster—it’s time to celebrate!

Don't show up to the party empty-handed, though! We have tons of great gift ideas in our Marketplace, or you can pick up a gift card for a present that never goes out of style. Top it off with a cute, printable gift tag.

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Getting your roommate assignment
The 11 questions you must ask your college roommate

The 11 Questions You Must Ask Your College Roommate

Living with someone new is nerve-wracking for even the most outgoing people, but we've come up with a list of informative icebreakers that will help you get the roommate relationship off to a great start.

Even if you've opted to live with someone you've known since kindergarten, it's a good idea to ask them these questions, too. Living with someone often brings a new set of challenges to the surface, and it can change the dynamic of a friendship–make sure it's for the better. Visit Hm etc. to start out on the right foot with your new roommate!

Move-in day

A comfortable futon is a multipurpose must-have that’ll see you through dorm life, your first apartment and beyond.

You might think a small dorm means that moving in will be a breeze, but it can be a pretty major workout. Fuel your recovery ASAP with a fully stocked fridge thanks to our dorm-friendly grocery shopping list.

Plus, we have it on good authority that the best way to meet your new neighbors is by offering them food. It’s a win-win.

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