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Sustainability At Homemakers

Sustainability at Homemakers

Sustainability at Homemakers

Our Impact

At Homemakers, we understand the importance of sustainability. Even the smallest of changes can have a huge impact on the planet. We strive to incorporate sustainable initiatives by reducing, recycling, and conserving resources. Being a family-operated business, it’s our goal to ensure our customers feel good about shopping at Homemakers.

400+ tons
of materials (paper, cardboard, and pallets) have been recycled in the last year.

18,389 mattresses
have been recycled in the past three years.

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1,400 auto-dimming lights and skylights installed in our showroom reduce our lighting energy usage.

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We use reusable bags and boxes whenever possible, producing less recycling and trash.

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We have installed water bottle fillers throughout our offices, offering employees a sustainable way to drink water. In addition, 6,823 trees have been conserved in the last year.

Sustainable Furniture for a Sustainable Future

We believe people shouldn’t have to choose between living in style and living green. That’s why we are proud to carry only the best eco-friendly furniture brands, to honor values concerning environmental sustainability. Explore our list of the top green furniture brands that work for a healthier planet. From sustainable wood to recycled fabric, find environmentally friendly pieces to help you create a sustainable home.

Solar Panels

With almost 3,000 bifacial panels on our roof, our solar array is one of the largest private arrays in Iowa. This provides 44% of Homemakers annual energy needs, producing 1.8 million kW of energy every year. This was made possible by our project partner, 1 Source Solar. The solar panels cover over 250,000 square feet of space. Panels are installed on both the upper and lower level of Homemakers’ 215,000 square foot showroom roof, as well as part of their warehouse roof.

Our Sustainable Brands




Westwood Baby