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February 27, 2020

Pet-Hair-Resistant Bedding: 4 Tips for Buying

Our pets are just like family. Actually, scratch that, our pets are family. They’re warm, give the best snuggles, and who can resist that face? If you’re like the 71% of pet owners in the United States, you probably let your pet share your bed with you. Which means, you’ve definitely experienced the unsightly scene of pet hair clinging to every inch of your bed.

Just because we love our pets does not mean we love their fur where we rest. That’s why Homemakers created a list of four tips to buying pet-hair-resistant bedding. With these bedding buying tips, you can enjoy the comfort of your pet without the inconvenience of their fur.

1. Look For a Higher Thread Count

Basically, the higher the thread count, the less pet hair there will be. Why is that? Well, a high thread count means that the tighter the threads are woven, the more difficult it is for your pet’s hair to get stuck in your sheets. A lower thread count means the threads are woven more loosely. Threads that are woven more closely together means more pet-hair-resistant bedding.

2. Identify What Pet-Hair Resistant Bedding Material is Right for You

If you want sheets that are comfortable, while also resistant to pet hair, you have some options!

  • Microfiber: microfiber sheets are easy to clean, wipe, brush, and even vacuum, making it easy to get that pet hair right off!
  • Cotton/linen: Cotton is quite affordable, meaning it’s the most popular choice for pet-hair-resistant bedding. But, remember to check your thread count! If it’s a high thread count it’s less likely to trap pet fur. Egyptian cotton is your best bet for repelling pet hair.
  • Silk: First, look at the thread count. High thread count means less opportunities for pet hair to stick, remember? In silk’s case, the pet hair may still have some pet hair on it, but it is relatively easy to shake off or remove with a lint roller!

3. Avoid Any Bedding With These Materials

When shopping for pet hair resistant bedding, there are three fabrics you will want to avoid.

  • Velvet: This type of material is notoriously clingy. It will be incredibly difficult to get any pet hair off once it’s been through a wash cycle in your washing machine.
  • Flannel/ jersey knits: Stay far away from these types of sheets if you need pet-hair-resistant bedding.
  • Crochet: While beautiful, lace or crochet provides several places for dog or cat hair to get trapped.

4. Consider These Other Factors When Buying Pet-Hair-Resistant Bedding

  • Stain/liquid resistant: Between cats and dogs, there are plenty of opportunities for problems: hairballs, drool, ahem “accidents”. If you’re concerned for the safety of your bed/bed sheets, look for bedding that has stain-resistant and liquid-resistant qualities.
  • Anti-microbial: Does your pet have their “spot” that they love to lay in? Is that spot on your bed? Try anti-microbial sheets! Water-repellent anti-microbial sheets can keep away your pet’s funky smells and resist the oils that your pet naturally releases.
  • Matching: This last tip isn’t necessarily a tip for buying pet-hair-resistant bedding, but it is a trick that will make your bedding look much cleaner. Match your bed sheets to your pet’s fur! If you have black bed sheets but a white cat, your cat’s fur will stick out in contrast. However, if you have a brown dog and brown bedding, no one will hardly be able to notice!

Bonus Washing Tips

*always wash your bedding according to the manufacturer instructions*

Let’s face it, even pet hair resistant bedding will attract at least a few strands of fur. Toss your sheets in the dryer on “tumble dry” for 10 quick minutes to help remove as much fur as possible. It’s more difficult to get your pet’s hair off your sheets when they’re wet, and you run the risk of clogging the drain. Once done with the drying cycle, toss it into the washing machine with a half-cup of white vinegar. The vinegar will help the fabric relax, so the fur will slide right off. Finally, wash and dry as usual.

Before you wash your next load of laundry, it’s recommended that you run an empty cycle in your washer to rinse away all that fur before you run your next load.

Thanks to these pet-hair-resistant bedding buying tips, you can welcome your furry friend into your bed with peace of mind. A high thread count Egyptian cotton sheet set is your new best friend…after your pet, of course!


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