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Kids Color
March 05, 2020

5 Clever Kids’ Room Colors

It’s no secret that painting is a ton of work; arguably too much work. You need to decide on a color, move and cover all furniture in your way, tape down moldings, and then breathe in that strong smell for a few days. So, before you paint your child’s room bright pink, consider timeless kids’ room colors that your child will love for years to come.

1. Yellow

Yellow is a great gender-neutral color that you can make your own. If you want a more masculine color palette, add dark blue accessories! If you’d like a more feminine look, add orange or pink decor! As your child grows, you can change out the decor, but you won’t need to repaint. That’s why yellow is one of the most versatile kids’ room colors!

Check out some of the rugs that we have for sale in store. Above, we have examples of feminine rugs, masculine rugs, and even a gender-neutral rug that would blend smoothly with your child’s color scheme!

2. Egg Shell

Play it safe with warm, neutral colors like eggshell. Some might call it “boring”, but we call it “up to interpretation.” White and off-white walls are timeless. Your child can spice it up by adding decor that expresses their personality. Eggshell is an excellent option for those children who love rainbows. With white walls, you can decorate the room with all the colors of the rainbow without it being garish, which is why it’s one of the top kids’ room colors!

Left: Coaster 5-Piece Kids Table & Chairs

3. Cool Gray

Cool gray is an underrated color because it is so neutral and versatile. From newborn to teens, you can work gray walls into the color scheme of your child’s room. Similar to option number two, a neutral-colored wall leaves an abundance of opportunities for splashes of color! Below, check out a few options for decor that you can add if you choose grey for your kids’ room colors!

4. Chalkboard

This idea is pure genius. If you paint your child’s walls to be chalkboard, you’ll never need to worry about them drawing on the walls again! They can color their bedroom walls however they want and “redo” their room every week if they feel like it. Even better? Virtually every color matches slate gray, so decorating is easy! Let your child explore their inner artist with chalkboard walls. Additionally, we love the way chalkboard walls complement sports themed decor!

5. Geometric Wall Decals

Although it’s technically not a kids’ room color, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with geometric shapes. They look both simple and trendy. Plus, they’re much more affordable than paint and paint supplies!  Added bonus: they’re much easier to apply and remove, too. Tip: if you get black decals on a white wall, you can match the pattern with nearly any color!

Think of all the possibilities there are to add color to your child’s bedroom! Consider comforters, lamps, wall decor, rugs, chairs.

Walls are such a hassle to repaint every few years. Choosing one of these kids’ room colors will save you a lot of effort in the long run. Plus, your child will be able to update their style with their decor, which is much easier than painting. Homemakers has decor for all age groups, so visit us in-store and see what you and your child can come up with!


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