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December 14, 2020

Interior Design Style Guide: Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary style is a constantly updating, forward-thinking design that is often referred to as “living in the moment”. It shares many elements of modern, art deco, and futuristic style, including sophisticated detailing, soft and rounded lines, bold statements with layers and textures, and neutral shades with hints of contrasting colors. It’s fluidity and rapid innovation is what makes contemporary design so exciting!

Defining Contemporary Interior Design

  • Clean
  • Bold
  • Sleek
  • Minimalist
  • Neutral
  • Trendy
  • Open

Sophisticated Detailing

While contemporary design tends to keep things sleek and simple, it also introduces sophisticated detailing. This distinguishes contemporary pieces from similar design styles, such as modern, since it elegantly highlights its elements rather than promoting its functionality. In a contemporary style home, the designs go beyond basic shape and size.

As an example, a contemporary sofa can maintain its clean lines and silhouette while introducing detailing through an elegant tufted back or seat. Eye-catching legs are also a way contemporary pieces give your space additional flair. A gold stainless steel finish provides a sleek contrast to the rest of the piece and makes it stand out from the rest.

Soft and Rounded Lines

A contemporary style home will also encompass many soft, rounded lines. Compared to other popular design styles, this creates a cleaner look that still provides an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. It also allows for natural flow from piece to piece and from room to room in a very fluid fashion.

When designing your space, consider adding rounded tables and chairs with subtle flared or sleek track arms. This will help to give your space an airy and open ambiance.

Bold Statements with Layers and Textures

If there’s any trait contemporary furniture is known for today, it’s the bold statements it creates. Living in the moment and making your space stand out is what this design style is all about, and utilizing layers and textures is one of the easiest ways to do that. It allows room for creativity and variety that makes every contemporary style home unique.

Placing area rugs throughout your space is a great way to establish a layered effect. You can utilize the vast array of rug shapes and sizes to complete your room décor, or double up with an area rug and accent cowhide for the ultimate pairing.

Neutral Shades with Contrasting Colors

Color can make or break any interior, which is why it’s so important to get it right. Contemporary design thrives on sharp contrasts between pieces, especially through contrasting shades of black and white. That’s not to encourage removing vibrant colors entirely, but they should be used carefully as an accent to your space, not the focus of it.

Creating contemporary contrast doesn’t need to be complicated! Try combining a sleek black sofa with a pearly white ottoman. And it’s not just your furniture that makes an impact. Walls are another prominent area that has a huge impact on your contemporary color palette. Paint them your favorite neutral shade and add complementing wall décor to make the entire room stand out.


Contemporary Design Video


For a showcase of the contemporary style on display at Homemakers, check out this short video! We offer hundreds of contemporary furniture pieces and accessories from dozens of brands, giving you endless options to create your dream home.


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