Adjustable Beds and Bed Frames

Adjustable beds provide the perfect mix of personalized comfort and support. Discover how you can get better sleep and improved relaxation with an adjustable bed frame!

An adjustable bed frame, also known as an adjustable base, is a motorized foundation that supports your mattress. Instead of a traditional box spring, your mattress rests directly on the adjustable frame, providing a secure, steady foundation.

Adjustable beds offer a wide range of positions for sleeping or relaxing. With the use of a remote control, you can adjust the height of both the head and feet. This makes it easy to find the ideal position for watching TV, reading or working on a laptop.

Most adjustable bed frames are designed to fit within the headboard, footboard and rails of an existing bed frame. They can also be attached to a stand-alone headboard.

Many mattresses are compatible with adjustable beds, including memory foam mattresses and mattresses with individually wrapped coils. These mattresses are specially designed to withstand the constant bending and positional adjustments without prematurely wearing down. Note that adjustable bed frames and mattresses are sold separately.

A Homemakers Sleep Shop specialist can answer any questions you might have, including whether or not your current mattress is compatible with an adjustable bed frame.

Stop by the Homemakers Sleep Shop today to experience the truly customizable comfort for yourself, and stay tuned for more upcoming videos highlighting the versatility of an adjustable bed frame.