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Palettes by Winesburg: “From Forest to Fabrication”

Made in America

Palettes by Winesburg is an American furniture company. The business is located in the rolling hills of Ohio’s Amish country. Palettes is operated by third generation lumber specialists. Palettes prides themselves in picking the highest quality cherry, oak, maple, walnut and hickory trees for their furniture. The employees select each piece of timber and harvest it, shape it in the sawmill and then carefully inspect it in their dry kilns, ensuring the highest quality possible.

Palettes Charlie Side Chair

Palettes’ vertical process is what makes their product last for generations to come. The quality of each product is followed from seedling to the final product that arrives at your home. You can expect this amount of dedication from any Palettes furniture piece.

A Sustainable Operation

Palettes is dedicated to using every part of the trees they harvest. Once the highest quality wood has been selected to turn into furniture, the remainder is turned into industrial palettes. Assorted wood chips are used for landscaping mulch; wood shavings are sent to paper companies.

Palettes Bakersfield Side Chair

Palettes at Homemakers

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Whatever your space needs, you're sure to find a Palettes piece that will stay in your family for generations to come!

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