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Back to School College Moving Desk Study Space
July 19, 2021

Back to School Furniture Shopping

Back to school

As school supplies take over store shelves and class schedules make their way to the fridge, one thing is clear: it’s back to school season! There’s a lot of newness that comes with back to school – new teachers, new friends, new classes, and so much more. Why not complement all of that with new furniture? Whether you’re looking to create the perfect study space for your little ones or locking down all the dorm room essentials, it’s time to make the ultimate productive space for the upcoming school year!

Create the Perfect Study Space


Back to school means back to studying and homework, and there’s no better place to get that done than at a new desk! Having a set place to get work done is the most important part of creating a study space.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when desk shopping is its size – not only whether it will fit in your space, but whether its size is appropriate for your kid’s size. Specially designed kids desks or smaller desks will be the natural fit for younger children.

For the teens and college kids out there, the options expand to all regular office desks. Choose whether a standard desk, corner desk, sit/stand desk, or storage desk is the right fit.


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Desk Chair

When sitting for long periods of time, having a comfortable and durable chair is essential. A good desk chair should match stylistically with your desk and overall aesthetic, provide outstanding ergonomic support, and make cracking the books open for hours at a time an effortless activity.

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Table Lamp

For those late-night cramming sessions, having an additional light source will come in handy. It will isolate the light near the actual studying space, keeping the rest of the room dark if needed. Try adding a lamp with a built in USB charging station for added convenience!

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In today’s digital age, adding a physical clock to a study space may seem unnecessary. However, using a phone to keep track of time can lead to distractions. A wall or table clock eliminates those distractions and can help complete the look of your study space!

Get more ideas on creating the perfect kids’ study space!

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Create the Perfect Dorm Room


A futon is the ultimate versatile addition to any dorm room. While dorm rooms aren’t known for having extra space to work with, futons are just the right size. Loft your bed and fit one in right underneath! There are several reasons why a futon is the perfect choice for a dorm room: they’re easy to transport, affordable, and can instantly transform from a sofa to a bed. Pick out your favorite!

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Most dorm rooms come with a bed and mattress – but not bedding. That means the onus is on you. Be sure to know the size of the dorm room mattress before you start buying. Typically, it’s either twin XL or full sized. You’ll want to pick up a set of sheets and a comforter. With so many styles and colors available, this is where a great place to show off personality and style!

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Why is an ottoman a dorm room essential? It’s one of the most versatile pieces out there! It can be used as a makeshift coffee table or entertainment surface, or even as extra seating in a pinch. Plus, some ottomans even come with a hidden storage compartment, something that’s a luxury in cramped dorm rooms.

Black round ottoman

Coaster 500 Collection Black Swivel Ottoman

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Area Rug

Add style and comfort to any dorm room with an area rug. Choose from a nearly endless selection of all shapes, sizes, and styles to complete the look of any dorm room floor.

Bonus Tip: Layer multiple rugs together to complete the look. Learn how!

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Since many dorm rooms don’t have their own bathroom, getting a separate mirror is going to be a necessity. Not only do mirrors offer practical uses, but they create the illusion of a brighter, more open space, something every dorm room could benefit from.

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Wall Décor

No dorm room will feel complete if the walls are blank – spice them up with some wall art and décor! Let your imagination run wild and choose pieces that define you. This could mean picking out a piece of wall art that speaks to you, hanging up college-related accessories, or even something custom-made!

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It’s never too early or late to get started on back-to-school shopping. While the usual books, pencils, and binders are certainly important, don’t forget about the difference furniture can make. Transform any space into a productivity dream, or turn an otherwise drab dorm room into a stylish retreat from the business of college life.


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