Office Chair Buying Guide

Whether in your home office or place of work, it’s time to upgrade your office chair. Find the perfect seat for your comfort level among our wide selection of high-quality office chairs. Our selection offers options of plush cushioning, ergonomic adjustments, mesh fabric, and all different shapes and sizes. We have an office chair for every person and every space. Can't find a style you're looking for? Simply call, email or live chat with us!


Task Chair

Task Chair: Task chairs are ideal for short-term use. They are typically paired with computer desks and are sometimes adjustable. These chairs don’t always have arm rests and are often designed with stylishness in mind. If you're looking for a simple desk chair for your home, this is the chair for you.

Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Chair: Ergonomic chairs are designed to fit your comfort preference. They often are adjustable in multiple ways, allowing the chair to custom-fit your needs. These chairs are built to help alleviate stress when sitting for a long period of time. This often includes features like lumbar support, seat tilt, armrests and swivel.

Mesh Chair

Mesh Chair: Mesh chairs are known for comfort and appealing style. The mesh fabric offers ventilation for optimal comfort. These chairs often feature ergonomic adjustments, adding to their comfort. Mesh chairs are sleek and minimalist by design.

Executive Chair

Executive Chair: Executive chairs feature high-quality design. They often include heavy cushioning, high backs, and leather, wooden or chrome frames. These chairs are built to impress and pair well with executive office furniture.


office chair terminology
office chair terminology


Fabric Swatch

Fabric Office Chairs: Available in a variety of colors and patterns, fabric upholstered office chairs are a great way to bring personality into an office. It is often soft and easy to take care of.

Mesh Swatch

Mesh Office Chairs: Mesh is a comfortable option that also offers a sleek, modern look. The material is supportive, breathable and durable, making it a great choice for long-term use.

Leather Swatch

Leather Office Chairs: Leather is a durable and long-lasting investment that ages beautifully. Often used for executive chairs, this material combines comfort and luxury. For a more in-depth look at leather upholstery, check out our leather care tips blog post.


Fitting an adjustable chair to your body can be a challenge. Even minor adjustments can make a big difference on your comfort throughout the workday. Follow these steps and you're sure to find the ideal seated position for your office chair.

  • Back of chair should naturally follow curve of your spine
  • Feet should be comfortably flat on the floor
  • Elbows should rest on armrests at the height where the arms bend naturally
  • The edge of the seat pan should come to 2-3 fingers distance from the back of the knees
  • Eyes should be level with the center of the computer screen


sit/stand desk

Adjustable features for office spaces don't end at office chairs. There are also sit/stand desks, which allow you to stand while working at your computer and take a break from sitting in a chair. Sitting all day and standing all day are both straining on the body. With sit/stand desk, a combination of the two is possible. If you're not looking to purchase a new desk, there are also desk risers that sit on top of your current desk and provide the same features of a sit/stand desk.