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July 12, 2021

The Hm Outlet Turns Three Today!

Hm Outlet

The Hm Outlet was created to showcase economical and functional furniture for any home. July 12th marks the Outlet’s third birthday! This store within a store provides a designated space with furniture specifically for the budget – conscious customer. When you enter the Outlet, you can just tell it’s different. With its industrial style laid back feel, and don’t forget Rack and Palette, a customer feels as if they have entered a new place altogether.

Not only has the Outlet been given its own space, it has an entirely different look than the rest of our showroom. The Outlet has its own lighting, music as well as special uniforms for the salespeople. The Hm Outlet really is a store within a store at Homemakers – it shakes things up!

Product Differences


The Outlet experience is more than the added frills that differ from the rest of the store, it’s about the product differences from the showroom floor. The Outlet contains a special type of furniture called Easy- To- Assemble (ETA). This furniture is meant to be compact when leaving Homemakers, then simple to construct in the comfort of your own home with minimal tools required to do so. The process is quick and simple! Check out our ETA furniture

Everyone that visits Homemakers can find something they love in the Outlet. There is no target audience – it’s for you! One of Outlet’s most popular products is Ashley Sofas. There is a wide array of styles featured in the outlet as well as types of products. From rugs, to bedroom sets to your next sectional, the options are undeniably endless.

Layout Differences

Bedroom sets

Something unique about the Outlet is the way that it is mapped out. On our larger showroom floor, our furniture is spread out and staged in groups styled by the design team. Rather than the furniture being styled like it normally would be in the showroom, it is displayed in tighter groups in the Outlet. This smaller footprint allows for you to view an entire collection in a shorter amount of time. You can directly compare products to one another because they are very clearly displayed together and in closer proximity to similar products.

A fun part of the Outlet is the Rack and Palette section that is exclusive to the space. It displays furniture from floor to ceiling. Considering how tall our ceilings are, that’s crazy! There is no shortage of things to check out in this area! Styling your space with pieces from the Outlet could not be easier. Our design team styles pieces from the Outlet to give you some inspiration for what you can create in your space.

Outlet’s Sales Team

Dining room sets

New salespeople at Homemakers are specifically placed in the Outlet when they begin. This allows them a better opportunity to learn about products, culture, and efficiency. This means that they have been freshly trained on all of the new products that are arriving at the Outlet, so they are knowledgeable and prepared to assist you in whatever you need during your visit!

Because the Outlet is like a store within a store, the salespeople are able to focus on the product offered in a smaller section while they get their footing. After the new salespeople get the hang of things, they can begin transitioning out onto the showroom floor.

Outlet vs. Clearance

Wood bed frame

One common misunderstanding about the Outlet is that it is the same thing as our Clearance  Center. This is not true! The Outlet features new furniture and a steady stock of specific items whereas the Clearance center sells as-is or marked down items only. The Outlet on the other hand, already has budget friendly options that are already at the lowest price! Although the two are near one another, the HM Outlet and the Clearance Center are distinct sections.

As the Outlet turns three this July, it’s incredible to look back on how it has grown and turned into a completely unique experience within Homemakers. Be sure to stop in the HM Outlet to get the full Homemakers experience or shop from the full selection online!


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