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April 26, 2021

7 Ways to Decorate with Wicker Furniture

The use of wicker furniture and accessories can really bring that spring and summer aesthetic to your home. Commonly used outside as patio furniture, the recent trend of wicker décor ideas inside your home is becoming increasingly popular. And there’s no limit to where wicker pieces can be used! Many interior design styles, such as boho or mid-century modern, have adapted these materialistic elements to be used inside the home for enhanced style. Turn your bedroom into a boho getaway with a wicker basket chair or boast vintage-styled plants in your kitchen with wicker baskets!

We’ve gathered seven ways to use wicker to decorate your home this sunshine season!

1. Dog Furniture

There’s nothing worse than having mismatched pet furniture ruining your style. Pet furniture is now commonly used as accent furniture or décor to accentuate the inside of homes. Choosing a pet bed with a similar aesthetic to your interior can do wonders to help elevate your home. Give your furry friend a paw-approved pet bed that’s comfortable and stylish to match your vintage or boho space!

2. Accent Chairs

One way to subtly introduce wicker into your home is to use it as accent furniture. You don’t want to overload yourself with wicker furniture, so implementing it as an accessory piece can help break up the flow of a given space. Consider placing a wicker chair or egg basket chair in the corner of your bedroom or living room for a hint of added texture.

3. Tables

The most established furniture in your home should take up the most room, such as a couch or a bed. You’ll want to make your wicker furniture additions the secondary piece of your home to help accentuate your larger existing furniture. Center your living space with a minimal coffee table or accent your chair with an end table!

4. The Kitchen

Get your dining setup ready for guests with some stylish wicker décor! Placemats can liven up your dining table and bring the essence of sunshine and warmth into your home. Similar wicker décor ideas such as a wicker flower vase, centerpiece, and lamp shades can actually help enhance your interior all-year round! Go the extra mile and use wicker counter stools at your breakfast bar to elevate your interior palette.

5. Useful Storage

Ashley Oslember Storage Accent Table with Baskets

You already need storage for your home, so why not incorporate wicker into the equation! Decorating with wicker baskets can add a stylish vintage touch to your interior and make for great storage solutions. Big, rounded baskets can be utilized as a laundry basket, while smaller square baskets that fit into narrow spots or on a shelf can help make your kids bedroom clutter-free!

6. Plants

If you’re a plant fanatic, you’ve probably already heard of the plant-in-a-basket trend. Placing your indoor plant in a basket can quickly change up the look and feel of your home. Remember to find a basket best suited for planting. Most plant baskets have a protective lining inside, meaning you can plant your plant/flowers directly into the basket, but it’s important to check beforehand. When choosing a basket, you’ll always want to find one that best helps avoid soil loss and retain moisture.

7. Entryway or Front Porch

This trend doesn’t have to be all about using wicker inside. In fact, wicker furniture holds a very high stop on the furniture spectrum as patio furniture! Your front porch or entryway is the first thing your guests see, so it makes sense to showcase your style right off the bat. Decorating with wicker furniture can set the scene to your outdoor space, so using an egg basket chair or wicker loveseat is a great addition!

Do you love decorating with wicker throughout your home? With these seven wicker décor ideas, you’ll bring the true essence of outdoor styling into your home in no time!


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