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July 27, 2020

8 Balcony Décor Ideas to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Retreat!

Summer’s great and all but for those of us who are stuck with a tiny balcony or smaller patio, it’s sometimes hard to enjoy the sweltering heat from the comfort of our own home. As a refresher, a balcony or terrace is a smaller outdoor area that usually comes off an apartment or townhome. It usually comes with minimal space which makes it especially hard to host accordingly during summer. But don’t fret, we’ve gathered eight balcony décor ideas that’ll turn your dreary outdoor space into a magical retreat! And on a budget!!

Surface Space

Make your space functional with a table. Smaller tables are preferable for balcony’s since they’re small enough to squeeze into tight spaces but durable enough to hold the weight of your wine bottle and cheese plate. A round table helps mix up the flow of your exterior plus they add a little touch of delicacy to your balcony.

Pillowy Flooring

Ashley Bales Accent Chair

Not into the furniture part of furnishing your balcony. Why not add pillows? It creates a one-of-a-kind look and saves you some money if you’re renting! The best way to do this is to first clean your balcony floor, add a rug as impromptu carpet, and then place either a mattress or some large pillows for a soft reading nook or chill space. For the finishing touches, throw some blankets and smaller pillows that you don’t mind getting dirty to complete the luxurious and cozy look!

*If you live in a state that is known for getting a lot of rain, make sure your balcony is covered or remove all of your pillows at night.

Showcase Your Décor

Who doesn’t love showcasing décor? A bookcase, or bookshelf, is notorious for offering optimal storage and display space. It adds a traditional yet sophisticated touch to your balcony and elevates your specific style. A ladder bookshelf is most beneficial since they take up minimal room and are easily moveable during drastic changes in Iowa weather. Lean your ladder against a wall or railing and decorate to your own design! Need a space to store wine? Make yourself a makeshift wine cabinet! Want to showcase your plants? Create a plant nursery! The ideas are endless!

Anchor with a Rug

Nourison Aloha 5′ X 8′ Outdoor Rug

Anchoring your outdoor space with a rug can be unknowingly simple. It adds underfoot comfort and offers an unbelievable cozy aesthetic. A rug offers a more inviting look to your outdoor space while also helping to protect your patio and balcony flooring (and therefor helps you get your deposit back at the end of your lease!) Make it your own by using designs and colors to elevate your own personality.

Comfort Seating

You can stand all you like on your balcony or patio, but you can star gaze (and people watch) better when you’re sitting down. Depending on the size of your space, add an Adirondack chair or large lounge sofa for premium outdoor comfort. Kick it up a notch by utilizing a hammock! Securely attach it to the sides of your baloney railing or bannisters for a hint of stylish functionality.

Add (one too many) Plants!

Making your space green can totally enhance the ambiance of your balcony and give it the outdoor garden feel you’ve always wanted. Place large pots in the corners of your balcony as décor, invest in hanging planters to save floor space, or utilize railing planters for some added color. Plus, it makes your space smell as great as it looks! Create your own flower forest with colorful tulips and lilies or start your very own vegetable garden with herbs and spices.

Utilize Wall Space

If your balcony or terrace has walls then you most definitely have to take advantage of them! Your balcony acts as an added extension to your apartment or townhome, so it seems only fitting to decorate it to the fullest. Add some hanging planters or artwork for the perfect final touch!

Finish with Lighting

String lights or outdoor lighting can really lighten up your balcony during summertime. It’s the perfect finishing touch to your balcony for that summer festive atmosphere. They’re adaptable, usually waterproof, and really easy to set up! Weave them in and out for your balcony railings or wrap them around patio banister for the full effect!


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