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Home Décor

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Candle Lamps

Create a peaceful space with our new candle lamps! These lamps are the perfect combination of form and function. The lamp uses heat to safely melt your candle and release a beautiful fragrance in your room. It features a dimmer switch for added convenience.
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Home Décor


While large furniture serves as the centerpiece for a space, it’s home décor where your sense of style has lots of room to shine. Whether you’re hanging up wall art or spreading out a new rug, these accents are essential to create a finished look. Every vase and lamp is an opportunity to show off a different side of yourself. Being intentional about the details of your décor can strike a balance between eclectic variety and a clean sense of cohesion. 

We are passionate about helping homeowners decorate their home, and offer a wealth of décor pieces to choose from.  

Lighting Illuminates Spaces with Elegance and Ambience 

Lighting helps set the mood of any room. Depending on the color and intensity of the light itself, the ambience it creates could be bright and invigorating or soft and mellow. With Homemakers, you can browse lighting fixtures that offer both functionality and appealing style, from table lamps to floor lighting. Backlighting and using spotlights can highlight certain spaces to add personality where you want it. 

Rugs Add Texture and Comfort 

Similar to lighting, rugs are another accent piece that define and anchor a space. With limitless options of texture and color to choose from, it’s only a matter of time until you find one that’s perfect. Consider the benefits of different materials: wool is richly textured and comfortable, while synthetic fabrics like polypropylene can be easier to keep clean. When chosen well, a rug unifies every other piece of furniture in the room. 

Shelving Keeps Things Organized While Showing Off Your Favorite Pieces 

Shelving serves a valuable dual purpose, equally useful for display and storage. Homemakers can offer many versatile storage solutions that integrate seamlessly into the rest of your interior design. Sleek, contemporary shelves are streamlined and stylish while more traditional looks have charm in spades. With quality shelving, you can display your favorite items and memories with pride. 

Art Is Full of Personality and a Must for Visual Interest 

Wall art or sculptures are both wonderful conversation pieces. Make a bold statement with a large, dynamic photograph, or create a funky gallery wall with several smaller pieces. Wherever it goes, art tells stories and reflects your personality. 

Accent Furniture Offsets Similar Pieces for Charming Contrast 

Accent furniture is most effective when it consists of special pieces that stand out from the others. Elegant side tables or charming ottomans bring contrasting styles into the mix, preventing a room from feeling boring or lifeless. Many homeowners choose a functional piece of furniture as an accent, helping bolster style in overlooked spaces. 

Homemakers Offers Mirrors, Clocks, Vases and Much More! 

We offer everything from decorative bowls to baskets, with all sorts of specialty items in between! We pay close attention to ensure quality materials and diverse styles, so we’re sure you’ll find lots of items to get excited about.