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Home Office
May 04, 2020

Home Office Design Tricks

A home office is a place where you can separate yourself from the rest of the world to get work done. Depending on your line of work, your workspace should be furnished with suitable furniture and office décor to make it more comfortable and easy to work in. Find inspiration with these design tricks so you can create a space that enhances your work productivity and promotes a tranquil environment.

Home Office Design Tricks

Color Scheme

The first step in designing the perfect in-home workspace is the color palette. Choosing the perfect color scheme depends highly on your style and what colors help you maintain concentration. In your home office, choose colors that you find visually appealing (IE: not colors that you would hate)

Check out some color palettes ideas for your home office!

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Quirky and Neat

Bring balance to your office space with soft colors like forest greens, mustard yellows, soft browns, and dove grays. Yellows and greens freshen up your space and enhance intellect. Use neutral colors as your base and layer with bright accent colors to bring a calm aesthetic to your office space.

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Bright and Sleek

Create a vibrant mood with bright colors such as blues and oranges. These colors represent energy, creativity, and tranquility. They are symbols of strength and endurance perfect for any in-home workspace.

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Neutral and Clean

Calm and collected colors such as beige and maroon create a neutral color palette. The softness of these colors creates a relaxing aesthetic that helps with organization and productivity.

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Bold and Unique

Bold and colorful office spaces represent strength and power. Colors like blacks and dark greens give a room a sense of depth that enhances elegance and uniqueness.

Furniture: Desks

A desk is the most important piece in a home office. They are the focal point of the entire room and will probably be the place you spend most of your time. Check out all the different types of desks below to suit your specific needs!

Furniture: Chairs

Complement your desk with a stunning office chair. Choosing a chair that suits your color palette is key. And one that fits your working needs.



Plants make for a great accessory in your office. They bring a hint of nature to your space without being overpowering and add a pop of color that suits any interior palette. Whether they’re big or small, fake or real, a plant can really make you more comfortable with your workspace.

Floating Shelves

A cross between wall décor and storage are floating shelves. Instead of a bulky bookshelf or wide cabinet, floating shelves offer plenty of storage space for books, décor, or crafts AND give you your floor space back!


Don’t be afraid to layer! Another home office design trick are rugs. They are the perfect accessory to add if you’re looking to make your space a little homier. Emphasize and take advantage of having your in-home workspace at home! Shop rugs to find the perfect anchor for your office space.


Take a spin on your office by getting creative with your lighting. Table lamps and floor lamps are great for late-night or early bird workers since they just offer a simple glow. However, if you want to make things a little more exciting try neon lamps or twinkle lights around your work room. Illuminate your space with lamps to light up your in-home office!


Take wall décor up a notch with chalkboards! They’re an affordable, fun, and functional home office design trick that helps show off your creativity and keep you super organized. Buy a chalkboard and hang it on your wall or go the extra mile by buying chalkboard paint and covering your entire wall! They are great for calendars, drawings, or leaving yourself a little motivational note.

Once the last touches to your office space are complete, see it transform into the perfect place to work. Try our tips and trick on décor ideas to create a stunning and unique aesthetic to your home. Check out our online options so you can get started on designing your perfect home office.


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