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April 20, 2020

The Top Office Chairs for 2020

With more and more starting to work from home, it might be a good time to start thinking about getting a new office chair, one that isn’t your secondhand dining chair with a pillow on its seat.  You deserve a chair that supports your back, a chair that improves your posture, and most importantly- increases and helps you maintain productivity. Homemakers offers a selection of high-quality chairs that come in all shapes and sizes for your office space.

Whether you use your desk for working, crafting, or gaming, you need a chair perfect for you! Take a look at the bestselling office chairs here at Homemakers!

Top Selling Office Chairs

Presidential Seating Flip Arm Mesh Task Chair

This office chair features a breathable mesh back that enables airflow for good ventilation. It has adjustable seat height and tilt tension control for smooth movement and flexibility for those who are constantly using multiple computer screens. The pneumatic gas lift allows you to control the seat height without touching the lever so you’re not straining your back while altering the chair height.

Presidential Seating Modern Ergonomic Desk Chair

This ergonomic desk chair provides lumbar support for your lower back to help decrease pressure on your spine while you work. This chair’s seat height can be adjusted to suit your body type. Not only does this chair offer multiple features for lumbar support but also expresses high style with its chic, gray upholstery. For a comfortable, yet stylish, seat, this desk chair is great to kickstart your office space.

Office Star Black Ergonomic Desk Chair

Say goodbye to back pain with this ergonomic desk chair. It offers casters for smooth mobility and an adjustable seat height for customizable comfort. The padded headrest helps support your head and neck to keep your posture straight. With its comfy seating and realistic faux leather, this executive chair was meant for your office.

Chintaly 7214 Collection Ergonomic Office Chair

Desk chairs aren’t only made for working, they can also be used for an abundance of things like crafting, writing, and even gaming! Gaming is the second highest use for an office chair, some even go so far to include built in electronics just for gaming needs. This chair has a distinctive design featuring black and white synthetic leather. Perfect for gaming, this chair offers lumbar support and a curved back for all your late-night gaming sessions.

Presidential Seating Ergonomic Chair

This chair features plush comfort with a timeless style. It can be confusing and exhausting trying to find the perfect chair with all the right features you need and want. This chair has it all with its seat height adjustment, adjustable tilt tension control, and curved back with optimal lumbar support. No matter the size or shape of your body, this chair suits all ranges of people and promotes maximum comfort.

More Top-Rated Office Chairs

Office Star Ergonomic Desk Chair

This chair not only makes a statement with its stylish, white faux leather, but also with its affordable price! The chrome base beautifully accents its upholstery while the linear lines add a modern touch.

Office Star Screen Back Armless Desk Chair

Desk chairs crafted with mesh are all the rage. They provide breathability and ventilation to help keep you cool and dry. No more sticky, hot seat during those hot summer days!

Ashley h200 Desk Chair

Want a chair without all the muss and fuss? This desk chair offers just that. Simplicity. If you’re one for keeping your home office organized and “clutter free” then an office chair without all the levers and gadgets is what you’re looking for.

Ashley Baraga Task Chair

Add a little bit of color to your office space with some stylish, contemporary furniture like this task chair. The white, leather upholstery spices up any space and with its fully padded seat and back, you can be stylish while also being comfortable.

Presidential Seating Modern Slate Gray Task Chair

This desk chair offers an adjustable seat height to fit your seating needs and also showcases a little hint of style with its tufted back. The armless design gives this chair a simplistic look.

Looking for something a little different? Homemakers offers a variety of desk chairs to choose from! Take a look at the office chairs we have in stock or click the link below to browse all office chairs and find yourself the perfect one.

Browse Sit/Standing Desks!

Check out the best standing desks to go with your office chair!

Now that you’ve checked out the top office chairs, and maybe even considered getting one of your own, why not pair it with the perfect desk! The standing desks help keep you productive for those who struggle keeping concentration. Being active and standing during your work hours actually do more good than you think! It reduces back pain, improves mood, and even helps with blood flow! Take a look at our top picks of standing desks below!


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