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August 09, 2021

Tailgate Furniture and Accessories

Tailgate furniture and accessories

Are you planning on hosting a tailgate for the big game coming up? Or maybe you’re attending a tailgate and want to bring something to make it extra special. No matter what team you’re a fan of (Iowa and Iowa State fans are both welcome here!), picking out the right tailgate furniture and accessories are a surefire way to ensure everyone has a great time.

Outdoor Tailgate Furniture

The traditional stadium parking lot setting or your home’s patio are both perfect places to host a tailgate! Utilize the outdoor space to its maximum potential for a game day no one will forget. With the right setup and preparation, it will almost feel like you’re right there in the stadium!

Tailgate Tables and Dining Sets

It can be easy to forget to bring a table to a parking lot tailgate, but this is one piece you won’t want to forget. Bring a folding table along with you to make sure you have a spot to place food and drinks.

If you plan on serving food and drinks at home, an outdoor dining set is the way to go. If you want to be able to use it as both a serving table and a place to sit down to eat, drink, and gather, a three-piece set with benches is a great option. Simply slide the benches under the table when they aren’t needed and take them back out when they are!

Outdoor dining set

Ashley Town Wood 3-Piece Outdoor Dining Set

Outdoor Seating

For a classic tailgate choice, you can’t go wrong with themed lawn chairs. They’re super easy to transport, folding up nicely into their included carrying bag. Plus, many come with cupholders on their arms for added convenience!

Lawn chairs may be a tailgate staple but why not upgrade to the next level if you’re hosting a tailgate party at home? You can go all out with stylish Adirondack chairs and comfortable lounge seating to accommodate all your guests. The former come in a wide variety of colors, meaning you can pick out chairs matching your favorite team.

Fire Pits

Tailgate season often involves the cool fall breeze, so adding a bit of warmth to that is much appreciated. Forget the hassle of chopping up firewood and lighting your own bonfire. Many fire pits contain battery-powered ignition systems and adjustable flame control, meaning you have more time to focus on the big game.

Plus, it’s a great opportunity to make some hot dogs and s’mores!

Fire pit and chairs

Ashley Lyle Fire Pit

Canopy Tents and Umbrellas

Shield yourself and your food and drinks from the sun by introducing some shade into your setup. A portable canopy tent is perfect for this. It’s simple to set up and goes right over your gathering spot.

Iowa Hawkeyes tailgate accessories

Alternatively, patio umbrellas works wonders too. They come in a wide range of sizes, meaning you can pick one made to keep food and drinks out of the sun, or one that shades everything!

Patio umbrella

Treasure Garden 9-Foot Button-Tilt Umbrella

Outdoor Covers

Since your outdoor tailgate furniture isn’t going to be in constant use, it’s important to take steps to protect it from the elements. You can find outdoor furniture covers in all shapes and sizes that are designed to protect your furniture from rain, wind, and sun damage.

Indoor Tailgate Furniture

While tailgates typically take place outside, there’s no hard rule forbidding you from taking the party indoors. If the weather isn’t cooperating or you have incredible indoor accommodations to show off, an indoor tailgate is a great alternative!

Expansive Seating

If you’re opting to take the party indoors, you’ll want plenty of pieces that can function as tailgate furniture. First, and most importantly, is ensuring your seating situation is up to snuff. Home theater seating or a large sectional are great options to have when you’re hosting a tailgate, since they often feature power reclining mechanisms, plush cushioning, and convenient features such as cupholders.

Reclining sectional

K Motion KM 083 Collection 6-Piece Power Recline Sectional

Of course, if you already have a living room or rec room setup and splurging on a whole new sectional isn’t realistic, it’s time to get creative! Add additional seating by utilizing dining chairs, bar stools, ottomans, and accent chairs. Not everything you use has to be something you always keep in that room. You can always put it back afterwards.

Bar Cart

Tailgates and drink often go hand-in-hand, and a bar cart makes displaying and containing your beverages of choice so much easier. Most bar carts come with caster wheels, making them easy to transport around the house, or even take in and outside as needed. For a more authentic tailgate-esque piece, check out a bar cart with a beverage tub to keep your bottled and canned drinks cold in!

Bar cart

Ashley Galvanized Beverage Tub

Check out more rec room furniture for the ultimate game day experience!

Tailgate Accessories

Team-Themed Accessories

You’re hosting a tailgate to root on your favorite team, so you need to show off your pride! There are so many tailgate accessories to choose from. From coolers and bags to rugs and pillows, there are endless possibilities to get in the team spirit.

Iowa tailgate games

Shop Team-Themed Accessories In-Store!

Tailgate Games

Iowa State Cyclones tailgate gear

It’s not a tailgate without some pre-game fun! Popular choices of tailgate games include bags/cornhole, darts, ladder toss, horseshoe, table tennis, and more. These are all inexpensive, easy to set up and transport, and you can often even find themed versions of your favorite team!

Shop Tailgate Games In-Store!

With your tailgate setup ready to go, you’re ready to get your game on and be an incredible host! Add in all the extras that make a tailgate great – food, drinks, and a home team win – for a day your guests won’t soon forget.


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