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Bathroom Storage
September 24, 2020

The Best Bathroom Storage and Organization Ideas

Let’s be honest, we use our bathrooms quite a bit. As great they can be in helping us start and end our day, they can easily become cluttered due to their lack of space. Especially if you live in a small apartment, the cabinets under the sink just don’t seem to cut it. Regardless of size, take advantage of the space you do have with these clever bathroom storage ideas!

Maximizing Your Wall Space

Floating Shelves

No matter the size or layout of your bathroom, floating shelves are a great option! They let you make the most of your wall space and are incredibly versatile. Just attach them directly to your wall with easy-to-install brackets and you’re good to go. Plus, where to place your new shelf is up to you!  Want extra storage space down low? How about up high? The choice is yours! Whether you want to use them to place extra hand towels or utilize the extra space to place stylish décor, the possibilities are endless.

Martin Furniture Rustic Gray 30-Inch Floating Shelf


Another great space-saving option for your bathroom walls is through the addition of conveniently placed hooks. These are perfect for hanging all of your towels or robes on, especially if you need to let them air out and dry. Compared to other options for your bathroom wall, hooks allow you to take a minimalistic approach due to how little space they take up.

Fashionable Furniture

While the walls are a great place to start for bathroom storage ideas, the floor doesn’t need to be neglected! Adding furniture is a simple way to provide more storage space. You’d be surprised what you can fit in most bathrooms!


If you’d love to add a floor piece to your bathroom but are stumped for space, check out an etagere! This is one of the best small bathroom organization ideas out there. An etagere fits neatly right over a toilet, meaning it can be added to almost every bathroom. It can include multiple shelves, cabinets, and other features to make it feel complete. It’s the perfect way to add more storage space to your bathroom!

Sauder Caraway Bathroom Etagere

Accent Tables and Cabinets

Unless you’re working with an extremely small space, you can probably fit an accent table somewhere. The great thing about accent tables is that they’re small and compact, making it one of the best small bathroom organization ideas. Of course, it also goes great in a larger bathroom!

Ashley Cottage Accents Storage End Table

For something a bit more substantial than an accent table, check out a cabinet. While this will only work for larger bathrooms, it’s another great option for adding additional storage space. There are plenty of cabinet options that would look great in a bathroom, such as this Coast To Coast Jaxson Accent Cabinet. Their larger size makes them a perfect spot to store larger items, such as cleaning supplies.

Coast To Coast Jaxson Accent Cabinet

Bar Cart

We aren’t suggesting you take a bar cart full of drinks into your bathroom (although we’re not stopping you either), but this makes for a fantastic bathroom storage solution. Included casters make it easy to move around your bathroom and store whatever you need, wherever you need it.

Ashley Kailman Bar Cart

Of course, these pieces work great at storage solutions outside of the bathroom too! For even more storage ideas for any room in your house, check out our Top 10 Storage Pieces blog!

Sometimes it’s the Little Things

Not every bathroom storage solution needs to be a huge addition. Sometimes it’s the little things that really count! Here’s a few simple ways to organize your space that function perfectly as small bathroom organization ideas.


Ever find it hard to keep all your hygiene products straight? Throwing everything into one drawer often results in wasted time digging for the one thing you need. Instead, invest in a handful of matching cups to sort and store it all. These could be small glass cups you just place on a shelf, adhesive cups that can be stuck directly onto your wall, or anything in-between. There are plenty of shapes and styles are out there, but they’ll all help you stay organized.

Drawer Dividers

Alternatively, a drawer divider can accomplish similar goals. If you’d like to keep all of your stuff hidden away rather than out in the open, this is an ideal solution. Be sure to measure your drawer in order to find dividers that will fit properly. Then just figure out which compartments will be used for what purposes, and you’re set!

With these bathroom storage ideas, you’ll be able to get that cluttered bathroom space in check. It might not be your favorite room to decorate, but a well-organized and clean bathroom is key to improving your productivity and helping you start and end your days on the right foot.



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